Program by DAREBEE

Athena’s Playbook is a 30-day no-equipment weight loss and tone fitness program with combat elements and lower body focus. It includes circuit and classic calisthenics routines, additional ab work, cardio and yoga days. 

Different workouts and training methods will ensure you stay challenged and active rest days with lighter training will aid your recovery throughout this journey helping you to stay on track. 

The program is designed to wake up the warrior inside you, make you stronger inside and out and help you forge a more confident, powerful you. Inspired by Athena’s image, the goddess of heroes, of reason and intelligence but also military strategy and the art of war, this program helps you chisel out the best version of yourself. 

Although Athena’s Playbook is designed using female illustrations and with women in mind, anyone can do it and benefit from it as a result. 


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