Latest News & Announcements

Today is a glorious day! DAREBEE is no longer in a crisis mode as our emergency fund has been refilled and set aside, until we need it again. We will end up reaching for it, eventually, as we always do when there aren’t enough donations coming in to cover ongoing expenses but it is there to provide a sufficient safety net. We are cautiously optimistic.

New Program Coming January 1st!

We were notified by our printing house that there may be a shortage of paperbacks soon. Amazon has bought copies in advance but as we head towards Christmas they may stop shipping physical copies of all books and offer ebook versions only. If you want a physical copy of a DAREBEE book and/or collection keep that in mind. They may not be available in November/December. 

You can now quickly select workouts suitable for warm-ups and workouts suitable for cool downs using new options in the filter on the right hand side of the workouts' page (top of the page, on mobile).

DAREBEE now has 1500 workouts in the database. It’s a major milestone for us!