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This place is designed to help people, not judge them. The whole purpose of this forum is to provide a safe and friendly environment for everyone who wants to get and stay fit with no exception. Proving someone wrong should never be the main goal of any discussion, finding a solution that works should. We are all here united by the same main quest: get healthier, fitter and happier, get empowered and bond with people with similar interests.

We are here to learn and find ways to do better and be better in every respect. It’s a quest for all of us, you, DAREBEE team members and volunteers.

We don’t do shaming here nor do we question whether “the bro even lifts”. There are other, darker places, on the interwebz where people enjoy such practices and this is not it.

Be kind to each other (but party on). Not everyone will know their way around this thing, try to help and show the way to other newer members when you can.


Any kind of aggression towards other members will not be tolerated. “This is sacred ground, Highlander.”

No pornographic, sexually offensive, sexually explicit, or objectifying material. Administrator's judgment applies here. Sexually suggestive images will be heavily scrutinized. Most of us have seen boobs. Most of us like them. Some of us own them. This is just not a place for this kind of stuff. We'd like for our members to be able to visit the site at work and share with friends without fear of retribution. If you post fitspiration pictures they should be yours and you should really wear pants (towels are not pants).

Post in the right forum. Resist the temptation to post something off-topic because you think you'll get "better responses" in a particular forum.

Do not place foul language in thread subjects.

Blatant advertising of products or services will not be tolerated, we will remove such posts and topics instantly and you will get an injunction or a ban.

No commercial-oriented posts or link dump (consider mention of ban, above)..

Be respectful towards other members. Keep in mind that not everyone likes being called “hot” or “sexy” or “babe”. Granted, we are not all Shakespeares but try to put a little bit more effort in trying to encourage someone when responding to their progress pics, just as you would if they were there in person.

Unless you are here to spam or troll these rules should be easy to understand and easy to follow. Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

As moderators we will try to judge every topic individually and see it from your point of view as well while staying objective. If you are not sure about something, message any of the mods and we will try to help. If you came across an inappropriate post or someone being aggressive towards other members in the threads use the “flag” feature. It gives us a link directly to the infraction in question and we will deal with it.

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