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Here is a list of codes that can be used throughout the Hive.

To insert a workout into your post, use [workout] tag. First find the workout you want to insert and get its tag. For example, if you want to insert The Anywhere Cardio Workout, look at its link:

The text right after workouts/ and before -workout.html is this workout's tag = anywhere-cardio. The tag should always be lower case and if it has any "-" they should be included. To insert this workout into your post use the following code:

Example: [workout]anywhere-cardio[/workout]

The same technique works for challenges. Use [challenge] code instead of [workout]



If you want to black out text in your post use [secret][/secret] code. Place [secret] tag in the beginning of the text you want to hide and [/secret] at the end of it. The text will be visible on click or mouseover.
Example: [secret]This text is a secret[/secret]

This text is a secret

To add pretty tick boxes to your text, use the emoji codes without spaces:
:x: for
:v: for

To make text red, use [red][/red] tag:
Example: [red] Make this text red [/red]
Result: Make this text red

To create a heading, use [big][/big]:
Example: [big]Make this text a heading[/big]
Result:Make this text a heading