DAREBEE Daily is a follow along video we record every single day and upload directly to YouTube. There is no editing, scripts or flashy special effects. It’s a roughly 20-minute long video where we show you how to do the Exercise of the Day and the Workout of the Day. You can follow along and exercise with one of the DAREBEE Team members, pause the video and come back to it later or use it for reference when you work out on your own.

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These videos are designed to illustrate how the workouts are meant to be done but they are also meant to keep you company and let us connect on a more personal level. We train together, we rest together, we see it through - together!

When we record the videos we take a relaxed approach. We take you through the workout before we do it, we make sure you are well rested before each set and tell you how you can make it harder, or easier.

At the same time, we are keeping it real. We wake up every day, just like you, and we get to it. We often don’t feel like it but we never regret it once we have done it. Daily exercise should be enjoyable, it should make us feel good and make us stronger not just physically but also mentally. And that’s exactly the aim of these videos.

We press ‘record’ and we begin. It’s as real as it gets.

Please comment, subscribe and let us know if you find these videos useful. We respond to comments on YouTube and answer any questions you may have. A new video is uploaded every 24 hours. You don’t need to start with video #1 in the playlist, simply tune in any time you want for the latest upload. Join us on YouTube for a daily dose of DAREBEE, now in video format!