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DAREBEE Workout: What it Works
The Mutiny workout is inspired by the frenetic energy of a mutiny but its push on aerobic capacity and total body strength may well signal a mutiny in your own body as your legs refuse to obey you and your lungs scream at you to stop. Well, maybe it's not quite as bad as all that but it is designed to put your body through its paces so you will most definitely feel it. Whenever large muscle groups are made to move fast they make tremendous demands on aerobic capacity and that's when you start to condition your body to move to work even though it's tired. This means that not just your strength but also your endurance are going to be challenged. The benefit of the approach is that your body begins to learn to work past the point where it feels like it can't thereby increasing the time your muscles can function effectively, for.
Extra Credit: Stay on the balls of your feet throughout. Never let your heels touch down. 

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