Made With Love is a DAREBEE home fitness no-equipment lower body workout that will not tire you out while still allowing you to get some exercise in.


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DAREBEE Workout: What it Works
Made With Love is a lower body muscle and tendon workout that will help you gain much greater control over your body than you might have thought was possible. Used as part of your weekly fitness routine it will help you increase your range of motion and overall athletic ability. Add EC and it becomes quite the cardiovascular challenge too, without exhausting you however.  
Extra Credit: 1 minute rest between sets. 
The body is the foundation everything else rests upon. Taking care of it is a full time job. That's why you need to be smart about it and focus on what is doable rather than get fixated on the specific length of time you need to exercise or the type of exercise you need to do. Build, every day, the foundations you need to be a little better tomorrow than you are today. 
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