Fremen is a Darebee home fitness no-equipment strength and speed workout that will also test your endurance.


30 sec
60 sec
2 min
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DAREBEE Workout: What it Works
When you're destined to be amongst the best fighters in the Universe from birth, physical fitness is a way of life. The Spice will make that life long but just how awesome it will be is entirely down to you. Life on the desert planet is naturally harsh. The environment demands strength, endurance and the ability to survive and succeed on relatively few resources. Muscles have to justify every gram of their existence so there is no point having bulk when what you really need is strength. This is a workout worthy of a Sandworm Rider. Designed to build up core strength and dense muscle it's just the ticket for those whom Shai Hulud favors.
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Extra Credit: 30 seconds rest between sets. 

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