DAREBEE Workout: What it Works
For Circuit Training fans Clipper is a full High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout that gets you into the sweat zone very quickly and then just keeps you there. It works the entire body for strength, speed and endurance and, as you go from on exercise to the next, you begin to feel the load. Test yourself on this one. It requires balance and flexibility, tendon strength and core stability so it really is the full package.       
Extra Credit: extra round - 20 seconds each.

Instructions: Repeat each exercise for the given amount of time for each round with a 30 second jog on the spot (or a jog in a circle for open areas) after each until the round is complete (8 exercises in total). Once you complete a round repeat it again with the new given time for each exercise. There is no rest between exercises or between rounds - you never stop moving until the workout is complete.

Adjust difficulty:
Level I: warmup + 1 round
Level II: warmup  + 2 rounds
Level III: warmup + 3 rounds
Bonus round can only be unlocked & claimed after reaching Level III (after all 3 rounds).