1000 Calories Workout is a DAREBEE home fitness no-equipment high-burn high-intensity workout that helps you burn 1,000 calories in a single workout.


30 sec
60 sec
2 min
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DAREBEE Workout: What it Works
Burning 1,000 calories in a single workout is definitely possible. It requires a few things: first, a steady perceived intensity in execution. As you tire your measurable intensity will change but as long as you're going to the fullest of your capability in that particular set your perceived intensity (i.e. how hard you feel it is, should remain the same). Second, proper breathing. Burning that many calories, that quickly, will deplete your blood sugar and help you burn subcutaneous fat which is a great way to streamline your body. It will also leave you feeling a little tired and the depletion of blood sugar may also make you a little irritable, in the short term. Finally, it will also result in what is known as EPOC or excess post exercise oxygen consumption. Basically you will be burning more calories than usual for a little time longer after exercise.   
Extra Credit: 1 minute rest between sets. 
Done it so far: 26

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