Set a timer and run for 20 minutes, three times a week. You can set a destination that will roughly take you 10 minutes to reach or simply run until you hit a halfway mark and then run back. 20 minutes in the morning or in the evening spent on your fitness won’t take away much from work and other responsibilities but it will make a huge difference to your body and mind in the long run.

When it gets hard to keep it up, remind yourself: It’s only ten minutes there and ten minutes back! You can do this!

We recommend that you fill your off-day with an ab workout (three times a week) and one HIIT workout (once a week) to improve your speed.

Recommended ab workouts for this program:

Target: Abs Workout
Anywhere Abs Workout
Core Builder Workout
Abs Pro Workout
Active Plank Workout
Master Plank Workout
Five Minute Plank Workout
Abs Superset Workout
Ab Master Workout

Recommended HIIT workouts for this program:

After the 30-days are up, you can repeat the program indefinitely.