Oat Banana Pancakes

You won’t feel guilty eating these naturally sweet pancakes! They are super easy to make and they only need three base ingredients: oats, a ripe banana and a cup of milk - any type you like, we used almond milk.

There are three ways of making them to make sure they hold together: blend, soak or cook the batter before frying. If you have a food processor or a hand blender simply blend all three ingredients until smooth and add baking powder before frying. If you don’t have a food processor you can either soak the oats in milk in the fridge overnight or pre-cook them in a saucepan to make them bind better. You don’t want crunchy oats in your pancakes!

Oat Banana Pancakes Recipe by DAREBEE
1 cup (3oz / 90g) quick oats
1 cup (8oz / 240ml) milk
1 ripe banana
1 teaspoon baking powder
oil for frying
Makes 6 pancakes
73 Calories per pancake
Protein 2g
Carbohydrates 14g
Fat 1g
Fiber 2g
Calcium 41mg
Iron 1mg
Potassium 109mg

1Place all ingredients in a saucepan, mash the banana and mix well. Cook at low heat until the oats are cooked through and soft enough for the mixture to easily bind. Alternatively, soak them overnight instead. Keep refrigerated until needed.

2Lightly oil a frying pan. Add baking powder to the batter and mix well. Add enough batter to form a medium size pancake, add as many as you can fit on the pan, and fry them over medium heat. Flip them over with a spatula halfway through once you see that the bottom begins to crust. Finish frying the pancakes on the other side until golden brown. You may need to do this in batches. Serve with sliced banana, strawberries and/or maple syrup.

Oat Banana Pancakes Recipe by DAREBEE
Oat Banana Pancakes Recipe by DAREBEE
Oat Banana Pancakes Recipe by DAREBEE
Oat Banana Pancakes Recipe by DAREBEE