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Age of Pandora is the world’s first, fully immersive fitness quest. You get to be the hero in a post-apocalyptic, fully realized world that really needs heroes. Your workouts reflect the activities of the central character. You are given the opportunity to fight monsters, forge alliances and save the world. You get to do it at your level of fitness and progress at a pace you find works for you. Are you ready to enter, Pandora and mark the beginning of a new age? 

The 60 day program is essentially a muscle activation program that allows you to begin to get back control of your body. It is the perfect springboard to greater things. #AgeOfPandora 

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You enter into a fully-realized world where the rules you know no longer apply. What you do, how you do it and the moral choices you have to make will make a difference to your journey, just like in real life. 

You also have, at each step, to work physically hard to get what you need or accomplish what you want. There are no guarantees, anywhere and you can fail at any time. The odds are stacked against you. You have zero natural advantages. You need to work hard just to survive. 

The exercises look deceptively easy. They’re not. As you go from one chapter to the next you do not just transform your body, you also begin to shape your mind. The program has three levels so even absolute beginners can do it. You can choose to do just one chapter a day, or provided your body can take the load, go through more than one chapter in a single day. 

What is constant is that you need to dig deep within yourself to find the mental resources you need to go on. When the choices begin to stack up and the pressure of a complicated world begins to bear down upon you, you realize that the Age of Pandora rests in your hands. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance, determined by your actions.

Awaken. Survive. Reclaim. 

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