Physical Education is the foundation on which healthy bodies and sound minds are built. Physical Education teachers and their students now have a great help in the P.E. Workbook: 100 Visual Workouts.

Its 100 no-equipment, P.E.-friendly, visual workouts take the guesswork out of how each workout should be done. This helps P.E. teachers and their students focus on how to get the most out of each class. Because they require very little space, the 100 visual workouts in this P.E. workbook, are perfect for remote teaching of Physical Education classes as well for in-person learning.

  • No special equipment needed
  • Works the same remotely and in-person
  • Workouts for virtually every level of fitness
  • Easy-to-follow, fully illustrated steps for an amazing P.E. lesson

DAREBEE's mission is to make health and fitness accessible to everyone. Many people's fitness journey starts at school with Physical Education classes.

The P.E. Workbook: 100 Visual Workouts makes it easy to produce great, engaging and effective P.E. lessons under virtually any conditions and circumstances.

Download | PE Workbook | .PDF | 33Mb | GDrive

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