Today is a glorious day! DAREBEE is no longer in a crisis mode as our emergency fund has been refilled and set aside, until we need it again. We will end up reaching for it, eventually, as we always do when there aren’t enough donations coming in to cover ongoing expenses but it is there to provide a sufficient safety net. We are cautiously optimistic.

We used to be in a panic mode every other month. Over the years, with more subscriptions and more people supporting what we do here, we managed to reduce the number of emergency fund-raising instances and we choose to believe that this is a sign that this project truly has a future. It wasn’t always a certainty but with every passing year we are seeing more and more people caring about what happens to DAREBEE, how it is supported and why. It gives us hope and it should give you hope, too. Most people are good and most people care and we are a living reminder of that.

Today we would like to once again thank everyone who donates/donated to DAREBEE. From the bottom of our hearts - THANK YOU - you keep us alive! This thank you also comes from those who can’t contribute anything right now. A lot of people reached out to us so we could pass this along to you. You are not just our heroes because you enable the work we do here - you help people you’ve never met all over the world and they are grateful, too.

There’ll come a day when DAREBEE will be properly funded and will not need to constantly fall back on the emergency fund. We know it’s possible, we now know this day will come because people are good. Today, it’s almost a certainty in our minds. When we started out we were told by pretty much everyone that something like this, funded in this manner, can never work… it absolutely can and it should not work any other way. It’s just much, much harder. It takes time, it takes trust and it takes people who care.

We’ve been around for years and our financial situation has always been shaky at best but it’s been slowly but surely improving. It’s happening - it’s just taking a long time.

You trust us to put you first, focus on your needs and prioritise things that matter to you and not to advertisers, sponsors - or ourselves. And we trust you to keep us alive. DAREBEE is not a service, it’s a relationship. For this to work, we have to care about each other, listen to each other's needs and do our best every single time.

The future of the world is in our hands. We are the world and each one of us matters. There is no single individual that holds DAREBEE together - it’s all of us. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with and together we are that much stronger. Thank you for being part of this beautiful place, thank you for staying with us and moving us forward. Thank you for trusting us and for being here when we need you. Thank you. There aren’t enough kittens in the world to express the level of our gratitude but it doesn’t mean we will stop trying.

- DAREBEE Team, and the rest of the world that is thankful to you today.