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How to Start a Log

The Hive, the DAREBEE community, is one of the friendliest places on the web. People from all over the world create workout logs, track their progress and share experiences here. It’s a place where we support and encourage each other and celebrate every achievement, big or small, and help one another make every day just a little easier and make tomorrow seem just a little brighter.

You are welcome to join us.

It’s super easy to create a log. Once you register and log in, click “Add New” in the Checking In | Training Logs section. Give it a name and start logging! It’s yours now, you can format it and add to it anytime you want or feel like it.

There are no special guidelines on how you should run your log. You can check how others organize theirs to get ideas. Your log is your diary but you don’t have to religiously report every single day. You can do it as often as you want.

Your entries don’t have to be all fitness and nutrition related. DAREBEE is technically a fitness resource but at its core DAREBEE is about being happy with yourself, inside and out, and the world around you. You can log your day, how you feel, your interactions with others as well as any training you did and the progress you’ve made towards the you that you want to be.

Just reading other peoples’ logs every morning can help lift you up. There is a lot of energy and good vibes in the Hive. You are welcome to it, become part of it and bring your own energy in. Everyone here wants to see you succeed and everyone will try to actively help you do that. When you can, try to do that for others, too. An encouraging message, even a “like” can change a course of someone’s day and then eventually, maybe, even their life.

Having a support network when you try to do something as difficult as staying consistent with an exercise regimen is often the key to succeeding. Just having someone there can help you get through the day, month or a year, and years to come. And that’s exactly what we are trying to achieve here, together.

Once you start your log there is absolutely no pressure for you to keep it up. You may need time to adjust and sometimes it’s just too much too soon. That’s alright. Life happens and everyone understands that. Whenever you are ready, jump right back in or start a new log if you prefer. Everyone will be happy to see you regardless of how many times you restart. We are just happy to see you among us.

There is no such thing as “failed” here. We start, we stumble, we pick ourselves up and we keep going. We all fight against time so none of us are ever done. So as long as we are still alive and kicking, the adventure continues.

Once you have your log - add whatever you feel should be there. We share all experiences here whether it’s an account of our workouts and what we had for lunch, or just something that happened at work. Pets. We love pictures of pets here, too. Keeping a diary helps some of us here stay sane.

Every now and then you will have others dropping by and leaving a comment here and there. Feel free to stop by other darebees’ logs, too. That’s why we are doing this, it helps us all stay connected at a fundamental level.

The only thing we ask is for you to be kind and be respectful towards others. Keep in mind that everyone comes from different cultures and places. English is not everyone’s first language - and that’s totally cool with everyone here. We are all at different fitness levels and we have different challenges to overcome. Be mindful of that.

Once you join, you are one of us and we care for our own. We care if something goes wrong in your life and we are there to lift you up when you fall. We celebrate when things go right and we are happy to see you succeed. It’s how this place works.