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    [Review] 30 Days of Strength

    Here 's a little "30Days of Strength" review

    It is good, you should do it!

    Not enough? OK, I'll give you more details:

    The program is a 4-day-split-cycle going through legs, pull/abs, push, stretch/tendon days. The "fitness levels" of the workouts are given for reps and sets not only for sets as usual, so you are able to decide, if you wanna do reps on one level, and sets on another.
    I really like that setup, cause it gives more space to progress individually...

    Leg workouts alternate between a short and a long workout day, but don't get me wrong the "short days" are intense, too.
    My right knee is still bugging me, so I did these days on the lowest level most of the time. I stopped when I began to feel it aching. Hadn't have a problem the days after...
    Nonetheless these days are/were hard for me, cause legs are my weakest link… If you find your combination of sets and reps, you can have all the "fun" you want out of a leg workout...

    Abs and Pull-ups days begin with an ab workout, followed by a pull-up routine.

    The abs-part alternates workout days focusing on sitting and on plank exercises...

    I am still searching for a back friendly core workout, that suits my personal needs. Therefore I can't say anything about the ab part, cause I had to adapt it.

    … and pull-ups
    I continued my own routine most of the time. It is five sets of fixed numbers going to failure in the last set instead of 3 sets to failure… but I the 30DoS version 2 times and it got me a PR every time.
    Why didn't I do it everytime? Because the time under tension is reduced in the long run, I can do more reps a session, if I increase my set count and only do my last set(s) to failure...

    I can to say the combination of abs and pull works really well.

    Push-up days alternate a push-up/punches workout and a longer one with push-ups and mostly plank and shoulder exercises.
    I liked the push and punch combo very much and did almost every day on lvl 3 what I did not expect on the first day. The longer workout, is a more conventional routine, which is well designed and gave me a good pump, too.

    Stretch days are back chain oriented.
    On point for what I needed.

    The tendon part is for the legs/hips.
    Intense to the end, but on point, too

    Overall impression:
    Almost all exercises are well placed, they work what they should work. The Darebee Team did a good job here. The main exercise are the well known basic movements Squats/PushUps/Pullups
    and the most common ab exercises planks and situps with its variations…

    Nothing new, nothing fancy, but also not boring...and that is the most important part to me.

    I had a short break in between, caused by my finger strength training, but overall I did it almost every day. In the beginning it was hard to adapt, but towards the end it worked pretty well.

    The progressions are demanding, but not to hard.

    You can't expect much after 30days. But I saw a improvement in muscle definition and tonicity.

    If you like Strength training, you will most likely like the program.

    Greath review - thank you HellYeah ! Your detailed explanation makes me think about doing it!
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      HuskyDog Glad you like it...

      btw: Mind the nonexistence of an s in my name..


        Originally posted by HellYeah View Post
        HuskyDog Glad you like it...

        btw: Mind the nonexistence of an s in my name..
        Sorry, I already fixed it! Sorry again for tagging actually someone wrong - because: Honor to whom honor is due!


          Thanks for the review HellYeah. I am a long way from this one but I will keep it in mind for the future.


            Nevermind HuskyDog
            HellsYeah will actually get a few notifications on the next login!


              Thanks for the review! Nice and detailed and definitely out of my reach rn!