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    10, 000 steps tested

    I'm posting a few threads on research I saw featured in the BBC programme, The Truth About Getting Fit.


    BBC shows can't be seen outside the UK - unless you're clever enough to get around their location tracking - but you should be able to see bits and pieces on the programme page.

    They looked at the 10,000 steps trend. Apparently that number is arbitrary, it was simply invented by a Japanese company who produced early step counters around the time of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

    They did a simple test pitting three people doing 10,000 steps against three doing three 10-minute sessions of brisk walking (too fast to sing but not too fast to talk they said).

    The group doing the three sessions of walking performed better, both at getting their exercises done and in the results from them.

    This was only a very small test but there's a bit more here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-42864061

    I'm sad they didn't look at the calories burnt.
    Because that's why I like the 10,000 steps; they're not only good for digestion, my ankles and overall health, they also burn roughly 500 kcal.
    Plus while I'm outside walking I can't eat.You'd think that's only a small factor but on bad days I'm constantly grazing.


      I like your additional info, Noen .
      Personally; the 10,000 steps/day was one of the very first stepping stones (ha!) I took in coming back to exercise., even before Darebee. I don't think I could have taken on running if I hadn't taken on walking first.


        Interesting. A quick calculation shows that a person with a 27" stride. Doing the 3x10 minute brisk (4mph) walk will take about 4700 steps in that 30 minutes. I guess it depends on the pace with a faster pace, e.g. 4 mph, burning more calories in 30 minutes than 10,000 steps at a leisurely pace, e.g. 2 mph. Personally, I'll do the 3x10 minutes to get 'er done.