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    Sunday Challenges - FAQ

    Sunday Challenges - Some Frequently Asked Questions

    - Where do I post my submission? Directly in the challenge's thread. Feel free to practice as much as you like beforehand. Don't post your results before submission day, though! It will be more motivating for everyone.

    - How do I post a video on the forum?
    The easiest way to do it is to upload your video to a video platform (such as youtube). Then use this method to share it on the Hive.

    - Can I join even if I can't record a video (or don't want to)?
    Absolutely! Like everything else on DAREBEE, this is an honorary system and we will believe your results when you post them, even without a video.

    - Who is eligible to join in?
    You! Everyone, actually. Don't forget to tag your friends!

    - What do I win?
    Pride? Glory? The joy of having fun in good company. The opportunity to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone while taking part in a friendly competition. There are no losers here!

    Good luck!