Challengers, on your marks!

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    Challengers, on your marks!

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    From the very start, the Hive has always been a safe place where we can support one another and enjoy our fitness journeys in good company...

    ... but it's also been a place where we can, just as safely and respectfully, put ourselves to the test and enjoy some of our newfound skills in a healthy spirit of friendly competition.

    Every other Sunday (or so), we have started organizing challenges in the playground section. Absolutely everybody can join, whether you're an experienced athlete or completely new to working out.

    The challenges can be performed on the assigned day, or in advance at your leisure, as long as you do not post your result before the given date.

    We will try to keep them varied so everybody can find something within their reach. Strength, cardio, flexibility and balance will all play a part at some point.

    The latest and current challenge can be found right here.

    If you would like to know more before committing yourself, we also have a dedicated FAQ.

    Give it a try! You will most likely be surprised by what you can do when you put your mind to it... and help make the Hive an even friendlier, crazier place in the process!