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    MissMolly Kanary

    Good job to both of you!


      Originally posted by mochalette View Post
      It was hard. Lots that I was anxious about and my cat kept shaking the Christmas tree.
      Mademoiselle Luna loves to come lay by my side and just have a paw touch me when I meditate.
      (however, when I do planks, she finds nothing funnier than to climb up on my back... Ouch, she weights 5 Kgs!)


        Morning. I did day 4 with Om mantra in the way described by Ann-Core last evening. For me the 5 mins actually zipped by.
        and I only chanted on the exhale, very hard to make sound on an inhale hehe.
        i sat this morning for 15 mins so thats day 5 in the bag also.
        Its not about my expectations, it's about turning up and seeing what happens. Consistency is king.

        Happy sitting Bees. X


          Hi Miss Molly, Ann Core posted a video about the lotus up the thread.

          I don't know if that might help.

          I also found this about ankle pain... but it seems to be specifically about half lotus, but perhaps the search might point you to something useful: is the website of the second guy.

          I do wish I could do lotus! Well done!

          I did a 5-minute breath count sit and the rest and backup and restore workout yesterday, so I'm still a day behind! Maybe I'll catch up today.

          Well done everyone...


            I maybe wrong here, but I read that if you have to twist ankles knees and hips too much to get into full lotus you can potentially mess yourself up bad. Also it will be a distraction for the sitting.
            currently I use a cushion and sit burmese style, but I am working toward lotus and that will happen when my body is ready. Its stubborn and will not be rushed. Hehe
            colinclean, no need to catch up if you dont wanna, we got to enjoy the process or we'll get bored, frustrated and give up.

            keep going bees. X


              Thanks Rathgar!

              On sitting. I can't remember where I read or saw this, but I seem to remember it was in quite a decent source, but I recall picking up the advice that the most important thing is to have - as far as you can - a straight spine. They recommended using a wall if you needed that support I think. But there are also lying-down meditations... so... well, there it is... maybe some more for me to research...!


                PetiteSheWolf Just think of how much stronger your core will be because of that. Ahah


                  I sat last night!

                  I never sit in lotus or half lotus. I just cross my legs. But I do love sitting against a wall and getting comfy there.

                  Sometimes I’ve noticed that I can sit like that forever as long as I keep my focus. But as soon as I get antsy or thinking about things or anything like that then I immediately start feeling uncomfortable. I’m sure that my comfort is linked to staying focused.

                  Using the Om mantra was a new experience for me too. I personally felt like the time flew but I had more trouble thinking about other things with it as well.


                    Thank you for the info colinclean ....good to know! I tried to upload pic to critique, but couldn't get it right...oh well lol....happy meditating!


                      did 5 minutes Cewa before training

                      so day 5: done


                        Day 4 done.

                        (I didn't post anything yesterday, but yeah, day 3 done-dy too.)

                        5 minutes go by so quickly


                          10 minutes for day 5!


                            Day 6 completed and my headspace meditation.


                              I keep checking in a day late - 5 minutes has been really good. I think when we bump up to the next level that it's going to present more of a challenge.

                              Last night I kept noticing that I was daydreaming. Hopefully can do better tonight!


                                did equal breathing and 5 minutes with Cewa before training

                                so day 6: done