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    Oh no, you too, Sundance ? Get well soon and take your time to let your body fully recover. I didn't and now I'm back in bed after a week of feeling healthy. So, yes, tea for you :llama-tea: and maybe a cookie? Or are you doing the no sugar challenge, in which case this represents a throat lozenge?


      Elektra and MissSmilla - thanks for the get better wishes as well as the fortifying tea and the throat lozenge.

      I really need it - It's been a week now and I'm still struggeling with a cold. It has been snowing and raining for the past week in Copenhagen which doesn't make it easier to get rid of the cold.

      Hopefully I can take a day of work this Friday to restitute. And yes I'm taking it easy with the workouts even though it is difficult


        Saturday, November 21

        DD: 5 Minute Meditation
        DoS: Day 9
        Upper Body+: Day 8


          Sunday, November 22

          DD: 50 Plank Jacks


            Monday, November 23

            DD: 60 Seconds Push-Up + Jab + Cross
            WoD: Commando workout lv2 -
            Upper Body+: Day 9

            I tried the Commando workout for the first time. It was a great strength workout with a lot of push-ups

            Definitely a workout I can recommend.


              Tuesday, November 24

              No training today


                Wednesday, November 25

                No training today


                  Thursday, November 26

                  No training today


                    Friday, November 27

                    No training today



                      So I have not been training a lot in November.

                      For the last two weeks I have been struggling with a cold and a sore throat.

                      Additionally, I have been busy at work and with commitments at home. There has been a lot of stress that has made it difficult to recover from the cold and it has taken a lot of energy.

                      Yesterday I hoped to be able to take a day off but it could not be done.

                      So the training has been pushed into the background. Not the best combination.

                      When I woke up this Saturday morning I used some time in front of the computer with a good cup of coffee and in the company with Darebee. A great way to start the weekend

                      I look forward to the weekend where I will be doing some nice things with the family.

                      I am also very pleased to get started with the training. Yesterday, I was nominated for the third round of the Random Workout Challenge. It will be today's first task.

                      So I'm in a spirit of optimism and confidence :bunny2:

                      For me it is such a great privilege to be part of Darebee community :bunny12:

                      You must all have a great day.


                        Go ahead Sundance ! You'll do great
                        I hope you get better soon. I guess most of us are having the same situations about struggling with coldsvwhile having to deal with a lot of work.


                          Saturday, November 28

                          DD: 2 Minutes Overhead punches
                          Random Workout Challenge 4.0 round 3
                          Upper Body+: 52 chest expansions

                          So today I was nominated in the Random Workout Challenge 4.0 for the Sonic Workout lv3 (15 rounds).

                          The Sonic Workout hiit me hard Especially the last 3 rounds were brutal...

                          I did 40-50 high knees as well as 40-50 climbers per round. And mostly 7 burpees per round.

                          But I succeeded and continued to the next round.


                            Sunday, November 29

                            DD: 100 Jumping Jacks

                            Almost a rest day


                              Monday, November 30

                              No training today


                                Tuesday, December 1
                                DD: 2 Minutes Leg Extensions
                                Advent Calender: I did the 40 burpees in combination with AoP chapter 25 as a micro hiit workout. So I ended up doing 7 sets of 10 burpees.
                                Running: 5 km as part of AoP
                                AoP: Chapter 25 (lv3)
                                DoS: Day 10 lv3 - pull-ups: 9-6-5

                                Running: Trail running - Frederiksberg Have (My camp to the ARC)

                                First real training session for some time. It was great to continue on my journey in the land of Pandora as well as continue with DoS

                                Yesterday was also the last day in the No Sugar Challenge. It was a great way to reduce the sugar intake :rabbit5: