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    Thursday, January 19
    DD: 3 Minutes Half Jacks completed with ec
    Hiit Advanced: Day 14 lv 3 - no rest between sets
    15 in a Row!: Day 19

    To quote myself from over at Redline
    HIIT A Day 14 has been taken care of on lv3 with no rest. I managed to do 11-12 squats per 20 sec and 7 push-ups per 10 sec. So that makes a grand total of 440 squats and 280 push-ups in 20 minutes. I like the rhythm and flow of this workout. It is simple yet challenging.

    As some of you know I work as a senior advisor at the City Council of Copenhagen. Yesterday, we held the City Council New Year's reception. It's a formal dinner so I was home at midnight and was a bit tired when I began the workout at 0030am

    I was glad that it wasn't a Cardio HIIT as I was to tired for a fast-moving workout. A Power HIIT was just a perfect way to end the day.

    To quote the description from the Push Squat Repeat workout
    Sometimes what you want is to be able to simply do something simple. No overthinking the part, no role-play in your head. Nothing that will constantly challenge your coordination and force you to be mindful of your body every single moment of the workout. This is where this "Wash, Rinse and Repeat" cycle is perfect. You can set it up and let your body do its thing while your mind takes a figurative break for a while. So, choose your level and get ready to rock it.


      Friday, January 20
      RWC 8.0: Heavy Hitter lv 3 with no rest between sets
      Pull-Up Challenge: Day 11
      Bicep Curls: 3 sets of 20 reps (2*12kg)
      Rings: 3 reps of Skin the Cat + Handstand on Rings
      Stretching: Arms and Shoulders Stretch + hollow body (3 * 10 sec)
      15 in a Row!: Day 20

      Heavy Hitter was just up my alley and I enjoyed it immensely. Punches and hooks can be done on a heavy bag.

      I can definitely recommend this workout!

      It was also great working on the rings. I have never worked on the rings so I was a bit nervous when starting off. But it felt great to play around with the rings


        Saturday, January 21
        HiiT Advanced: Day 16 lv 3
        Total Abs lv 1
        HiiT Advanced: Day 15 lv 3
        15 in a Row!: Day 21

        Saturday, I did HIIT A Day 15 and Day 16 (both on lv 3) which means a lot of high knees

        I started with HIIT A Day 16. Halfway through I realised I had set my stopwatch incorrectly. Instead of a jump squat every 10 seconds I did it after each exercise. So to make things right I did a jump squat for every 10 seconds when doing HIIT A Day 15. Funny thing was, that I wasn't fatigued when I finished Day 15 but then in the evening I could really feel the workout in my legs. They felt so heavy

        Total Abs was done in between Day 15 and 16.


          Sunday, January 22
          WoD: Power Skip lv 2 no rest
          HiiT Advanced: Day 17 lv 3 (30 seconds rest between sets)
          Arms & Shoulders stretch
          Chest and Lower Back stretch
          15 in a Row!: Day 22

          I did Power Skip as a warm-up. HIIT A: I managed to do 20-22 side kicks, 11 push-ups per 20 seconds and 14-15 lunge step-ups. In round 8 and 9 I did 10 push-ups per 20 seconds so after the last set I did the 4 remaining push-ups to get a total of 220 push-ups.


            Monday, January 23
            HiiT Advanced: Day 18 lv 3
            Stretch: P.S. Workout
            15 in a Row!: Day 23

            Active Rest Day


              Tuesday, January 24
              HiiT Advanced: Day 19 lv 3 (10 seconds rest between sets)
              WoD: 6 Minutes Abs (Sit-ups was done with a weighted plate (2.5 kg))
              Stretch: Shoulders stretch
              Chest and Lower back stretch
              15 in a Row!: Day 24

              HIIT A Day 19 was Burpees Day It was just one of those days where I flew through the workout . I did it on lv3 with 10 seconds rest between sets. I did 4 burpees per 20 second so the grand total was 160 burpees

              6 Minutes Abs was done after HiiT A.


                Wednesday, January 25
                HiiT Advanced: Day 20 lv 3 (no rest between sets)
                WoD: Demigod Workout
                Rings: Skin the Cat and Hand Stand Position
                Bicep Curls: 1 set of 20 reps (2*12kg)
                Inverted Row on Rings: 10/6/6
                15 in a Row!: Day 25

                Today was a busy day at the Gym

                I had decided to focus on my back and biceps and to continue with my training on the rings. First time I managed to be in a Handstand Position with feet together without supporting them on the ropes.

                Hiit A Day 20 lv 3 with no rest between sets except to tick off the set done. My shoulders and arms were trembling at the end but the Jedi Trick did its trick

                The Demigod Workout was done after HiiT A. It was the first time I did Demigod and I did enjoy it.

                Pull-Ups: 6/3/3/2
                Push-Ups: 20/16/10/10
                My shoulders and core were fatigued after HiiT A so I did 45 seconds per side of raised leg elbow plank.


                  Thursday, January 26
                  HiiT Advanced: Day 21 lv 3 (30 seconds rest between sets)
                  Stretch: Arms & Chest Stretch
                  I did HIIT A Day 21 lv 3 with 30 seconds rest between sets. It was tough as I was fatigued almost before beginning the workout. My legs were trembling at the end and I was like

                  The program has now gone up a level so you don't get an active rest day every 3rd day and the workout is 10 minutes longer and with each exercise having a longer interval.


                    Friday, January 27
                    HiiT Advanced: Day 22 lv 3
                    Stretch: Shoulders Stretch

                    It had been a long day at work and I could still feel the last couple of days training. So it felt even tougher than Thursday's training session. 20 Minutes of non-stop training. Especially the climbers and slow climbers were draining me of energy


                      Saturday, January 28
                      DD: 30 Seconds Push-Up Plank Hold
                      HiiT Advanced: Day 23 lv 3 (30 seconds between sets)
                      Stretch: Shoulders Stretch


                        Sunday, January 29
                        DD: 100 Side Leg Raises
                        RWC 8.0: Lauch Codes HIIT lv 3 with no rest
                        HiiT Advanced: Day 25 lv 3
                        Stretch: Chest and Lower Back stretch

                        Today I was nominated in RWC. I was a bit worried if I could make it through because Launch Codes HIIT resembles Yesterdays HiiT A Day 22. A lot of push-ups and punches in a short amount of time. But it turned out not to be a problem. The hardest part was actually the transition from push-ups to 20 seconds of plank. Launch Codes HiiT is a great workout which I can recommend.


                          Monday, January 30
                          HiiT Advanced: Day 24 lv 3 (30 seconds skipping as active rest)
                          Pull ups and chin ups
                          Rings: Skin the Cat and Hand Stand Position
                          Bicep Curls: 1 set of 20 reps (2*12kg)
                          Inverted Row on Rings: 10/10/10
                          15 in a Row!: Day 30

                          Today was Day 24 of HiiT Advanced as I switched days because of RWC.


                            Tuesday, January 31
                            DD: 3 Minutes Wall-sit completed with ec
                            HiiT Advanced: Day 26 lv 3 (no rest between sets)
                            15 in a Row!: Day 31

                            Day 26 was a long workout but felt more or less like active rest.


                              Wednesday, February 1
                              No training because

                              Thursday, February 2
                              No training

                              I had a really busy week because of work which also made me catch the flu But still no time to stay in bed. I chose to skip training Wednesday and Thursday because I was all drained for energy after work and I was not feeling well.


                                Friday, February 3
                                DD: 20 Push-ups with rotation completed with ec
                                HiiT Advanced: Day 27 lv 3 (no rest between sets)