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    Saturday, July 2

    DD: 50 Plank Rolls - done with ec
    Cardio Trim Run: Day 1 - Part II lv3 (no rest) - 3 achievements (***) unlocked.
    Random Workout Challenge 6.0: Purgatory lv 3 with no rest

    I have almost gotten rid of my cold which is good news especially because today I was nominated in the Random Workout Challenge 6.0 for the Purgatory Workout.

    So I began my training regime with Cardio T Run followed by the Purgatory and finished off with the DD.

    A great training session.


      Sunday, July 3

      DD: 50 Bridges. Done with ec
      Cardio Trim Run: Day 2 - Part II lv3 - 3 achievements (***) unlocked.
      Stretching: Iron Bar - 20 reps/20 count + stretching for runners
      WoD: Lower Abs lv1

      Again I began with Cardio T Run. After my run I did some stretching. First time I did Iron Bar. Phew, it was tough. I will not claim ec as I had to put the legs down a few times. Cardio part 2 was tough today but I managed to do 20 push-ups per set to claim a 25/21/21/20/21 I finished off with Lower Abs.

      Still fighting with the cold


        Evaluation of my goals for June

        I didn't reach my goals for June which was to finish Military Fit and AoP. I had too many things going on in life in general which resulted in too many off-days.

        It was almost to be expected as June normally is a busy month on work and at home preparing for the summer holiday

        So here is my goal for July.

        My vacation has started which means spare time Normally, I wake up 3 hours before the rest of the family which means I have plenty of time to train in. So have to wait until I have finished and

        I will try to have a more structured training regime for July. I have decided to do Cardio Trim Run mainly because

        It's designed to streamline your body, shed extra body fat and add muscle definition.
        This is just what I need after a month with too many off-days and a few extra pounds as a result.

        In addition to Cardio Trim Run I will follow the Gladiator Strength training plan.

        My focus for July will therefore be to streamline my body as well as build some strength.

        Let's see how it goes


          Monday, July 4

          DD: 30 Seconds L-sit. Done with feet on the ground. No ec.
          Cardio T Run: Day 3 - Part II lv3 - 3 achievements (***) unlocked
          Stretching: Stretching for runners
          WoD*: Night's Watch lv 2 - no rest
          WoD*: Bicep Curls - 3 * 20 reps - 30 sec rest (2 * 12,5kg)

          My calfs were pretty sore today so I was glad that Cardio today was a 30 minutes recovery run. I cannot remember when was the last time I ran 3 days in a row. The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed my run immensely despite my sore calfs

          After my run I did Night's Watch as part of my gladiator program. I enjoyed Night's Watch. It had a good combination of upper and lower body exercises and combat moves and it's another workout I can recommend

          Now I'm looking forward to a casual training day tomorrow which is much needed

          * Part of my Gladiator Program


            Sounds like a good plan, Sundance. I'm right there with you - I feel that some parts of me have become a bit more soft due to easier and shorter workouts this month and a bit of stress eating (I weigh the same, I just know that I lost some muscle and gained some fat) and I want to get back to where I was. Good luck!


              Thanks Ann-Core - 5 days into my new training regime and I can already feel a difference

              Lets do this


                Tuesday, July 5

                DD: 40 Shrimp Squats. Done with ec
                Cardio T Run: Day 4 - 3 achievements (***) unlocked
                WoD *: Casual training - Fitness Drills

                Today was a day with casual training which was much needed

                I did Fitness Drills which was a great way to casually train throughout the day. I did every drill once more or less every hour throughout the day.

                * Part of my Gladiator Program


                  Best of luck with your plan, Sundance !

                  Cardio Trim run looks pretty challenging, but you're completely on top of it, apparently. Adding a strength or ab workout every day with the Gladiator training plan might be seen as overkill... but I know this is the way you've been training for a while, now, and I'm sure you'll handle it well.

                  Enjoy your sporty holiday!


                    Wednesday, July 6

                    DD: 20 Spider Push-Ups. Completed with ec
                    Cardio T Run: Day 5 - 3 achievements (***) unlocked
                    WoD *: Witcher lv2 (strength day)

                    * Part of my Gladiator Program


                      Thursday, July 7

                      Cardio T Run: Day 6 - 3 achievements (***) unlocked
                      WoD *: Express Abs lv3 (abs day)

                      Running: Average speed 11,8km/h; total time: 30:00 min; 5'09"
                      5km in 25:23 - 11,8km/h; 5'04" (New personal best for 2016!)

                      * Part of my Gladiator Program


                        Friday, July 8

                        DD: 40 knee to elbow crunches
                        Cardio T Run: Day 7 - 3 achievements (***) unlocked
                        WoD *: Postal lv1 (strength day)

                        A quote from the Postal workout which is so true
                        "For those days when you really need to push your upper body to its limits the Postal workout is ready to deliver the goods for you. You do need a pull-up bar for this one, plus get ready to take your body through almost every push up variation there is. This is a strength and tone workout that will definitely make you feel the burn."
                        Luckily it is casual training day tomorrow
                        3 days with a tough training regime and 1 day with a lighter one is a perfect match

                        * Part of my Gladiator Program


                          Redline - yes, it might seem a bit excessive and as you know I couldn't have done it a year ago

                          It's also a well put question mark on my training regime, also because the generel recommendation is to do just a program and maybe a challenge or two.

                          So here is a more thorough explanation for why I do Cardio Trim Run and Gladiator.

                          I have for the last 6 month or more been training almost daily for 60-90 min. I have experienced the hard way that it is necessary to train consistently for a longer period of time to maintain my current level of fitness and progress. But most importantly I enjoy a long and hard training regime

                          I have over time become pretty familiar with the routines/workouts. It gives me the opportunity to choose a workout for the day with an adequately level of difficulty which doesn't not result in overtraining.

                          Normally I plan my training a day ahead but make the necessary adjustments depending on how I feel on the day.

                          For example yesterday I had an abs day and had planned to do Master Pack but ended up doing Express Abs because I was worn out after my run.

                          Thats my little secret which doesn't always show in my posts. So I always have two or three workouts in reserve on days where I'm more like this than this This way I always end up feeling like this

                          So far everything is going according to plan. I'm having fun and really enjoy Cardio Trim Run.

                          Have a great day my fellow Darebees >|<


                            Saturday, July 9

                            DD: 5 Minutes Raised Arm Hold. Completed with ec
                            Cardio T Run: Day 8 - 3 achievements (***) unlocked
                            Random Workout Challenge 6.0: Mass Blast lv 3 with no rest
                            WoD *: Casual Training Day - 15-minute Morning Workout with ec

                            Today was Casual Training Day - sorts of as I got nominated in RWC

                            So I ended up doing a bit more than anticipated yesterday...

                            * Part of my Gladiator Program


                              Sunday, July 10

                              Cardio T Run: Day 9 - 3 achievements (***) unlocked
                              WoD *: Croft Workout lv1 (Strength Day)

                              I chose to do the Croft Workout on lv 1 as I needed a lighter day of strength training after yesterdays training regime and todays Cardio T Run which was a Power Run with a total of 110 push-ups.

                              * Part of my Gladiator Program


                                Monday, July 11

                                DD: 2 Minutes Jumping Jacks. Completed with ec.
                                Cardio T Run: Day 10 - 2 achievements (***) unlocked
                                WoD *: Total Abs lv1

                                No way I could do double burpees for that last achievement 160 basic burpees with a jump was enough for me today

                                * Part of my Gladiator Program