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    Congrats on the challenge!


      Congrats on First Things Water!


        Grats on the water habit !




            I agree with what Kanary and calendula said, and also want to add don't feel like you can't simply take a rest day if you feel like you want or need it. Rest is great, and especially important when you are new to exercising consistently. You don't have to go all or nothing here. If you feel tired and worn out but you want to do something still, gentle yoga and/or stretching is a great activity to sub in. Or if some of the exercises in a workout feel too hard, you can also modify them to similar but easier workouts that you can do with better form.

            Take care! (Seriously, when I was here last time, in 2020, I injured my foot doing jump knee tucks that were well outside my skill zone and it took like 8 months to stop hurting.)


              Kanary, lofivelcro, TopNotch, calendula, asumpt1, JCU, SheWhoMustNotBeNamed, PetiteSheWolf, Fremen, Sif_Shepard

              WOW! Thanks for all the support and good suggestions! It really helps!

              And also, now that I think about it, I think a lot of you were right in saying it's alright to be kind to yourself. That sometimes a workout can be checked off as complete when you've done all you can do at that moment. So I did that, and moved on to day 15 of 30 Days of Cardio Blast. As Kanary said, psychologically it's probably also better not to linger too long on stuff that was too hard.

              Starting to slowly learn that this is a long term project and being gentle on yourself sometimes is also an important part.

              asumpt1 Yes, I definitely spent waaay too much time behind my desk. Getting away from it more feels great.

              Pfff... that was a LOT of punches for 30 Days of Cardio Blast today (1600 at level II)! Not terribly tiring though, it just took long.
              Did knee push-ups instead of regular ones.

              So again, thanks for all your help everyone!

              16-6-2022 - day 47also:
              • went to the beach - also good for the body!


                Belated congrats on the challenge!


                  You got this!


                    I think sometimes we tend to forget that our bodies are often learning new things when we exercise. We don't expect to sit down in front of a new musical instrument and play at concert level, but we seem to expect that sort of thing when we exercise. It takes time and effort to be able to do something well, and if we don't try to do something that's too hard for us, we'll never be able to do it. Just think of a child's learning to walk. Generally, it takes time just to learn to stand without falling on that bottom. There is wobbling, holding onto something for support, and a lot of falling down. But the child doesn't say, this is too hard, I'm no good at it, there's no point in continuing. Just like that child, every time you push yourself just that little bit more, no matter how badly you might do something, you are training your body and learning to do something that you couldn't do yesterday. The trick is to recognise this and keep going.


                      Anek Thank you!

                      Kanary Yes!

                      โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹TopNotch So true! I am only just fully beginning to realize this and it is a fascinating experience.

                      โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹Today was a very hot day here. Thankfully the programs had relatively easy workouts for today and they could partly be done indoors. So all went fine, I also went out for a nice walk.

                      I must remember to do my exercises early in the morning tomorrow, or it will be very warm!

                      17-6-2022 - day 48also:
                      • evening's walk in the parkโ€‹


                        Good luck with the heat wave ; suffering in Paris here...


                          PetiteSheWolf I'm coping! I think it will rain and then cool down tomorrow here.

                          Lots of jumping for 30 Days of Cardio Blast today. Good I did that when I could still find a bit of shadow.

                          Did the 60 seconds balance hold with some help of a nearby pole to make sure I didn't fall over, 60 seconds with each leg. Surprised myelf again with this one!

                          18-6-2022 - day 49


                            Well, what can I say? Still working on my final essays, progress is very slow. But somehow or other I will finish them by the end of next week, I suppose...

                            No Extra Credit on the jumping lunges today. Same as Aku-chan I had some problems to get the jump movement worked out. But in the end it turned out to be a matter of technique, not fitness!

                            19-6-2022 - day 50


                              Good luck finishing your essays!


                                Thanks Sif_Shepard! Worked hard on one of them today, which is the reason I didn't get around to 30 Days of Yoga. But that's OK. Plenty of exercise through 30 Days of Cardio Blast, as always.

                                No Extra Credit on the Daily Dare. I did (very slowly) do the squats in one go, 10 with each leg, but I would have wanted them to be deeper and also they were quite wobbly. Great exercise though!

                                20-6-2022 - day 51also:
                                • evening's walk in the parkโ€‹