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    Brand New Day

    01/04/22 ~ Day 1

    Hello world,

    It's the start of a new/old log. I've been a member of Darebee for many years and have also fallen off the wagon several times. But Im back on it! Hoping I can hold on better this time around as the road rashes have been pretty brutal.

    A bit about myself, I love running/trail running, hiking, biking, anything cardio related really. Also into gaming, reading, photography and gardening/houseplants among other little hobbies. ((Any recommendations are welcome regarding any of those topics) (Who doesn't want to make their Goodreads list of To-Read longer after all?))
    I don't enjoy strength work but surprise, surprise guess what would help me to avoid injury?
    Part of what motivated me to start this log was noticing that I've been struggling with some of life's activities due to have a stupendous weak core, back and everything else really. Time to change that.

    There may be modifications littered throughout workouts because after years of dealing with severe leg pain I need to be careful about what I do and how much I push them.

    In addition to the darebee workouts I'll also be posting other little workouts I do.

    Completed Today:
    • Better Legs Challenge - Day 1
    • Easy Leg Workout (minus the Back Leg lifts) - 2 Sets

    Programs I want to complete:
    • Spellbound
    • Age of Pandora
    • Hero's Journey

    Cheers and until tomorrow

    Welcome (back).


      Originally posted by TheLibrarian View Post
      Welcome (back).
      Thank you it feels good to be back


        Welcome back


          03/01/2022 ~ Day 3

          Had a busy Day 2 so I couldn't work out but I did get my steps in for the day. 7,958. So, that's something.

          Will update later for anything I do today.


            08/04/2022 ~ Day 8

            It feels like I have walked 500 miles the past few days. That's all I've really been doing these days. I did manage to drag myself out for a mile run after work on Wednesday (Asking myself the whole time if I had enough energy to do so) but I did it! And it felt good.

            Today will be a rest day, unless I decide to go for a short walk later, because I

            All this walking reminds me of how important fueling is for the body. You want to do more to lose weight, get stronger, etc. In response to that your body demands more food to compensate and repair the damage that you inflict on yourself. I enjoy my snacks a lot during these times and food in general.

            I've been reading The Shining this month and its been a fun, creepy descent into madness for the characters of The Outlook Hotel. I'm looking forward to watching the movie next and seeing how it compares.

            Now, Im off for an appointment with my heat pad and some games.



              Well you make plans and then life says no. I won't be able to do anything related to working out for a week or so, could be longer. Had a bit of an accident that has rendered me bed ridden. So, until I am cleared by the Dr and walking around doesnt cause pain then I shall be spending lots of time in bed going a little stir crazy.

              Until then....


                Little bit of an update. While other things have been a nightmare to deal with, health wise I have been slowly but surely getting better. However, I'm not sure if you can count physical therapy as a work out session. But it is movement and I have been able to move around to a point. Sigh. Car accident injuries are not fun. I've been trying to amuse myself by looking at hikes and such that I can do when I get better. I've been a bit too ambitious as I look at 15 or 20 miles hikes and thinking that'd be a walk in the park. Heh. On the more realistic side of things I've also been trying to plan out what direction I need to go to get my fitness back once I can workout again. Just have to take it slow so I don't re-injure myself.


                  Hello all. It's been awhile. I haven't posted anything yet because there hasn't been much change lately. Still unable to do much of anything besides very short walks and stretching. It took some time fighting to find a doctor who would actually help me get better. Now, that I am somewhat on the mend it's only upward from here.



                    Small steps will get you there eventually!


                      Montserrat Hello! and thank you for the encouragement

                      Stretching day 5/6. I've started doing lots of stretching. Most days multiple times throughout the day. Often times I've paired it with slow walks and even though it has been a short time my Dr and I have noticed a difference. It's small but it's there. So, it's a step in the right direction. At some point I will start looking for very gentle strength building exercises when I'm ready for that point.


                        Welcome! When you and your doctor think you're ready, I'd highly recommend the Vitality program if you are looking to just generally improve mobility and build some strength with low-impact movements. Looking forward to hearing your updates!


                          Time for the few day later update

                          I've had some pretty rough days lately. Lots of pain, not able to sleep. The works. I have also received a medical update which doesn't require surgery. However, my back is definitely not going to be healing anytime soon. Despite that news and the paint I was able to add another day of stretching and I have been given permission to go for light swims so I did that today. I've also been taking some glucosamine and turmeric supplements to help support my poor joints. I've also been drinking so much water these days and mixing in some protein drinks on some days.

                          calendula Thank you very much for the suggestion! I wasn't aware there was a super light program like that. Typically, I just use the workouts but I'm now looking forward to seeing what I can do with the Vitality program. Might be the first one I complete as well.

                          Thank you as well for everyone else that is following along with my slow journey to recovery.


                            Recovery is hard-- as you very much know by now,
                            but keep in there. You got this-- we're rooting for you!


                              noname Thank you I am definitely feeling the support!

                              Thanks to a suggestion by calendula I have been doing the Vitality program lately. I'm on day 5 now. A few days behind because I don't want to over do it so on days that I swim I might walk but I won't do the program. I've had to adapt a lot with the program. Most days I can't do the full three sets or all X amount of the exercise but I put a lot of effort into what I can do. In addition to that I at least try to do some kind of stretching every day because that is a serious requirement of my recovery.

                              An interesting part of all of this is that for the past couple of weeks the responsibility of physical therapy has fallen on me, myself and I. Which in a way is nice. The only thing I wish I have is a guideline or outline of what I should be focusing on. That way I

                              For me the simple answer is everything since so much has been impacted by the accident. Either way, I'll keep up what I'm doing and hopefully someday soon I'll be able to get back out there on the trails, go for a run, be able to drive normally. All the things you take for granted until you can't do them anymore.

                              That's all for now until the next update