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    To Forge an Ironmaiden...


    Log attempt no. 545,000 😂

    I know. I have a scatter brain. Its terrible.

    My goal at the moment is to recomp kind of. I'm pretty skinnyfat and I want to reverse that. But I'm not seeing that as THE goal. Since it'll take a while.

    THE goal is to do many, if not all of the Strength oriented programs.

    Eating wise, I'm not going to freak out about my diet. I've said I'll just add a protein shake and more lentils (and eggs) to my regular eating routine. I'm not tracking anything. Just focussing on MORE PROTEIN.

    I'll log my workouts and eating here. I'll try to be regular with logging. (Its hard with a job!)

    Workout for today:

    Xpress Tone Day 1.


    Breakfast - smoothie containing > 2 scoops protein powder, 1 banana, 1 tablespoon Leafy green Superfood powder (moringa, matcha, spinach, spirulina, all that good stuff) , 1 tablespoon mixed seeds (flax, sesame, pumpkin), 1 cup milk.

    Teatime - Energy drink. (Because I didn't sleep)

    Lunch - Chicken breast, brocolli with cheese, salted carrots, half a potato. Coffee

    Dinner - 2 slices wholewheat bread, 2 tablespoons peanut butter. 1 apple. Coffee

    A new protein welcome


      Hiya, power for your journey


        Sounds like a good plan... have fun with it... and a few days of DOMS...


          Day 1 complete 👌


            Good luck on your new journey, focusing on protein sounds like an excellent plan. Hope you have fun lifting weights.


              Oh my word, guys! The legs are already feeling DOMS and I haven't even done leg day on Xpress Tone. (That's today! 😲)

              I've gotten DOMS just from doing the Extractor workout 😂 all those plank jump ins and jumping lunges.

              It's going to be brutal...

              Xpress Tone Day 2 (legday)

              Breakfast > Green smoothie with 2 scoops protein powder, spirulina, leafy green powder, 1 banana and seed mix. (I forgot to mention yesterday that the seed mix also has sunflower seeds)

              Teatime - Rooibos tea

              Lunch > some white meat chicken (most of my lunch), half a potato (because my stomach is only THAT big), and brocolli with cheese.

              Dinner > 1.5 cups brown lentils, tomato, cucumber, worscestershire sauce. 😋

              I feel like I'm eating a ton now. 😅 and I'm not eating anything extra. I think I'm near about 78g of protein for today.

              I plan on making split pea wraps tonight. Yes, wraps made from split peas and water. (the pea version of the red lentil wrap). Then I can wrap more lentils in them 😂

              I'm very cautious of beans atm. I haven't had them in a while. I recently made some veggie soup with beans, they weren't even that many per serving (less than half a cup) but they absolutely tore my stomach and colon apart.

              Have an awesome day, Bee-fam.


                Okay so, Leg day is super challenging for me. My legs are a lot stronger than my arms, so on a program like Xpress Tone my arms tend to give in under the dumbells way before my legs do.

                So now I've opted to tire them out a bit before each set, by doing jumping lunges and jumping squats. The trouble is that when I take the dumbbells after that, I feel like I'm very unbalanced (too tired to balance?). Even with my core engaged.

                This is mostly a problem in lunges with dumbbells. With squats I'm a lot more stable.

                Anyone have any suggestions for this issue?


                  Try doing the opposite: first some weights and then the jumps to failure


                    Do you have heavier dumbbells? I use a heavier pair on leg days when I do Xpress Tone.


                      My dumbells are up to 22kg. I like your idea, Fremen ... Xpress tone says to do the weighted lunges/squats to failure... but I'm thinking now maybe I'll still fatigue the legs a bit, then do weights, then jump again. Otherwise it'll take too long to fatigue them with the dumbells


                        I think I got away with it today anyway since my legs are still full of DOMS. And I still trained them.


                          Bit sore today but I can still move. I'll be getting my exercise today at work as well. I have to clean so its up and down the ladder, and bending and leaning and so on. 😂

                          Workout for today:
                          Xpress Tone day 3 (think its for the back)

                          Breakfast - overnight oats with a protein shake and peanut butter. Coffee. I wanted to add the banana but I wasn't that hungry. So added it to lunch...

                          Snack - 3 hard candies

                          Tea - Tea 😁

                          Lunch - 3 fried eggs, split pea "wrap". 1 banana

                          Dinner - Lentils, cucumber, tomato, and dressing.

                          Oh, my split pea wraps were a bust because they stuck to the pan. So tonight I'll try them again but use oil in the pan this time. If they don't work out I'll figure something else out. Maybe bake them. The wrap I had with lunch is more like a patty type of thing. 😂


                            Okay I changed my mind. I'm having a peanut butter sandwich with apple tonight.


                              Hi bee-fam. So still did a ton of cleaning today. I'm relying on energy drinks again for energy on days like today, which, I know, is very bad. But yeah. At least its not a daily occurence anymore. So that's a 100% improvement.

                              Workouts -

                              I just plan on doing 30-45min of yoga today. Thinking of power yoga. I think the stretching will help a lot with the DOMS.

                              Breakfast - Green smoothie, but I only drank half. I'll have the other half after yoga tonight. It has ... oats, protein powder, 1 banana, 1 apple, seed mix, spirulina and leafy green mix. Coffee

                              Tea- energy drink

                              Lunch - tuna salad with lentils, tomato and cucumber. Coffee

                              Dinner - Split pea patty, with 2 boiled eggs.