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    Yo, I was looking through a forum of the Royal Navy yesterday about their emergency kits and one thing that always came up was waxed matchsticks. And again, condoms. And a button compass. There were some other items, but for the life of me, I can't find that page any more.
    Anyway, waxed matchsticks.


      Today (Saturday) is my parents pearl anniversary so I am off work and probably going to eat a lot of unhealthy foods BUT if the weather stays stable and the celebrations don't last all day, I will head out for a walk along the coast today.
      If it takes a turn and I can't get out, I have a dance routine on Instagram I want to learn.

      Current Adventurer kit
      Backpack (that will be replaced as soon as)
      A6 travellers journal
      Incomplete medical kit
      Wood carving kit
      SAS Survival handbook


        So I think I said this but Saturday was my mum and dad's pearl anniversary and they renewed their vows... and there was food and 🎂 and drink (not a lot) so I am not looking forward to weighing myself tomorrow.

        Now for today (Sunday)
        I am FUCKING PISSED! I was paid today and I got a lot less than I should have been paid. We are annoyed, so much so my mum told me to strictly monitor my time at work (the exact time I finish work) and if it doesn't add up at the end of the week (next payday) I'm leaving. The rat bustard isn't even paying my pension or tax so I don't know where the lost money is going.

        Anyway I applied for a job in a shop in Coleraine called the card factory. I seen they viewed my application and hopefully they want an interview before long.

        In fitness news, my junior BJJ team (team Ryano) came third overall at the European Championships so yay.

        I have just checked my No Gi stuff fits as other teammates were having trouble with fitting but other than it highlighted my belly it fits fine.


          Monday body composition update
          Bodyweight 76kg (+1.75kg)
          Body fat % 25.3 (>0.8%)
          Muscle Mass % 42.3 (<0.4%)

          So I have gained nearly 2kg since last Sunday. Given the food & drink on Saturday I am not surprised.

          I was 🤔 that it is kinda silly to try to cut with winter fast approaching and the festivities that comes with it so I am going to leave it until the new year and we'll go from there.
          The plan is to do an amateur or in house BJJ competition by the summer 2022.


            Hope you get the interview! also very good score on the junior comp, and yea i think "cutting" is something not really that good for actually getting optimum performance on any martial art- sure you wanna be at the peak in comp but still, cutting is not sustainable. In my experience, fighting at your optimum weight class (where you are healthy and perform your best) is the way to go. Ideally you want to stay "fighting fit" every day- martial arts are a great part of being healthy overall.


              Can't say much about the fighting performance, but aren't the festivities still ~3 months away? That's plenty of time for a quick and aggressive mini-cut. With a bit of discipline you won't ruin much over Christmas.
              Good luck getting that interview, better get out of that old job as soon as possible.


                Today was a rather good day, my depression and anxiety didn't take hold at work today and I sailed through with not too much hassle.

                PT in a few hours so taking the time to put my feet up and have a wee Pepsi and if all goes well tomorrow I plan to go out for a walk along the causeway coast and do a bit of foraging. I already know blackberries/brambles are plentiful along the route to the next village and there's even a large plum tree that is covered in plums.

                That's the plan but we'll see what happens tomorrow.


                  *sigh* *head in hand*
                  My goals have all changed. In the space of a month I went from wanting to get big and thicc and compete in BJJ to working on my mental health more and getting to the adventurer lifestyle and just being happy with my life.
                  Should I start a new log? I want to but I think that is just my constant need to find a new thing to do kicking in. I've never had a log get past 20 pages...

                  OKAY say I start a new thread, I need a title that is open and at the same time, focused but not too long... HELP.

                  By the way it is now my 2nd favourite time of year... Autumn , the leaves change colour, the temperature (should) drop (and I have a cosy new bed to snuggle up in) and the tasty food is in the shops.

                  I think I'll start a new thread in the new year and aim to use it for that year but I need a name... something to do with adventure... I need to think things over.

                  And I finally made some progress in Inazuma (Genshin impact) but I didn't think I'd find a place I disliked more than dragonspine but the new island has a constant random thunder storm and it takes more than a 3rd of your health... and... I missed my chance to get the shogun 😢😭

                  I have BJJ (Gi) tonight.


                    The gamer in me came out today, I spent 3 hours doing missions and I got a little pissed as the boss kept beating me but I got lucky and beat it after 3 attempts this morning and then about 30 minutes ago I complete the first act of the Inazuma arc.

                    I'm taking a break and then I have PT at 4 so will probably do a bit more tonight and then I'll have to ask my brother to help me grind for ascension material and artifacts as I learned I really should have done more of grinding when the game was easy and got stronger characters.


                      Whoo progress I was just in the shower and noticed my chest is thicker when I do a chest pose (tho tbh it looks like I have boobs when I chest pose) I don't have any muscle in my upper chest so gotta work on that but my diet need to be improved or I'll just look fat no matter what... I think I'll give my sample meal plan from my shrink (who is also a nutritionist) a go and see how that goes.

                      Can't believe we are near the end of September already l, where's the time go?

                      Now for MH update:
                      Today was a particularly good day 😌 my depression behaved itself and I got through the day with no problems. I listened to the Genshin impact OST album 1, my anime playlist and some NEFFEX albums the we closed early cause it was quiet.
                      I played Genshin impact all day but am starting to feel a bit agitated so I think I'll read a bit or maybe practice my Japanese (which I haven't started yet).


                        It's a lovely afternoon for a walk but I cba.
                        one of the instructors from my combat gym is joining us at the PT so I have to redo my finances as a session is now £60 per week per person (I was getting I easy last time at half price per week).

                        Japan trip update: we (I) have put a total of £70 in the bank atm but with the past few problems I might have to make a few hard decisions, my boss having deducted from me and almost a full week missed and then more deductions on top of that.
                        I might have to take a lose of my personal money (for drinks and the like) so I can keep making decent savings for the trip.
                        And then there's the tattoo I want for the new year, we do have a "small change" jar that I am using to save for it but may need to ask for some Christmas money to pay the majority of it.


                          Today's not a good day, the sun was shining while I was at work and then it pissed down when I finished.

                          Not in the mood to do anything and I my depression has taken hold, I worked 23 hours but only got paid for 16.


                            Any reasons for that pay gap? Sounds like your being exploited.


                              I haven't a clue lofivelcro I think he's just exploiting me but I currently don't have the means to do anything about it. I can call him out but he could easily counter and he's done my pay slips so they don't show true information.

                              If I call him out, I can do one of 2 things; stick it out till something else comes up or walk out but he could sink me to the benefits office by saying the work is there but I walked out and then I'd be unpaid for 3 months before they (the benefits office) started paying me again plus as of right now I have a £600 loan to pay back on top of house bills, gym fees and Japan saving.


                                So a few things to report today.

                                Last night I looked for a video to learn to make a vision from genshin impact and I discovered this awesome cosplay small business in the states. I looked on their site (I think it's a husband/wife team owned business) and their stuff looks incredible.

                                I plan to buy one of their double sided Inazuma visions to put on my new gym bag that I also plan to buy at some point near Christmas.

                                If you haven't seen a vision, look up "Inazuma vision genshin"on Google. I think they look amazing.

                                Today at work I didn't get depressed and actually had a fantasy about learning Japanese and then I got all philosophical and started thinking about God's and inspsirational stuff.

                                BJJ no gi tonight so will see how that goes. its Monday which means it's "weigh in" day. I have decided to aim for the "light" weight category in BJJ competition so 76kg which atm is my walking around weight. Just got to work on my body composition and skills.