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    Getting started and keeping track

    So I do shift-work and rarely see anybody, so I joined so I can keep track of my newfound hobby in some kind of social setting. Hi.

    Today I did 20 minutes at the treadmill, with a 5.0 incline setting and at ~3.4 mph fast walking, with 3lb. weights.
    I'm thinking, I might throw in Brute Abs the days I do the treadmill, since that's where and when I have access to weights.

    Work, as per usual on an 8-hour shift, included about 2 hours, 20 minutes of walking.

    This morning I do Day 3 of Combat HIIT, probably between now and 0400.

    I ate eggplant parmesan when I woke up (around 5pm), snacked on a corn tamale with chipotle mayo at about 8pm. At about 1am I ate some vending machine food (oops!) and at about 2:30 am I ate kale and chickpea salad with a drizzle of olive oil. I aim to have fruit salad around 5am and some leftover mushroom and tempeh stir-fry when I get home just after 0700.

    Welcome and strenght for the routine!






          Welcome, have fun on your journey



            Thank you all for the warm welcome

            Today I woke up at about 1700 local time and ate some home-made potato gnocchi with tofu marinara sauce. Then I came to work (for a 12 hour shift, eww) and I ate a vegetarian sammich from Jimmy Johns (good guacamole tho). Later I had a slice of ice cream cake and a tiny sliver of pastry, leftovers from a party in the medical lab then i had my kale and chickpeas. In a minute I'm gonna have some soup with fake meat and when the sun comes up I'll have fruit salad. Before bed I will have some microwaved veggies probably.

            I've done most of my usual walking for the night, I'm at about 2 hours and have about another hour of walking to go on this shift (4 hours to go!)

            I did Everyday Stretching earlier because I'm stiff all over, but especially in my neck and back. Oooofff.

            I did day 4 of HIIT Combat. Those flutter kicks! whew X___X But I really enjoyed the sit up + punch combo, it made doing situps much more enjoyable!

            Maybe I will do a narrative like i've seen other people do, that would make this even more fun


              Hello and welcome!


                Thank you Anek

                Today when I got home I ate a salmon burger, some pierogies, and some brussel sprouts.

                I got a decent amount of sleep and woke up at about 1700, ate a protein blend and the rest of the pierogies.

                At the cardio gym, I did 15 minutes on the treadmill at 5.0 incline and 3.3 mph with a 3 lb weight. I should increase that a bit, because my HR didn't get to the level I wanted. Then I did Brute Abs and that went really well! I stretched through it first without weights and then did it with 6# and 10# weights. I might kick that up a notch next time too.

                One of my coworkers left me some pulled pork so I ate more than I'd like on the overnight shift, I might take the evening off from the combat HIIT and resume tomorrow.