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    yeah, wonky describes it pretty well. But although dumbbells are lighter, I feel like my muscles sometimes cramp (?) when going all out on the curls first thing in the workout. It just seems so weird to me. But then again, you need to do some research yourself when making the darebee db workouts your first weight lifting ones. I mean, the illustrations don't really tell you how exactly the exercises work and you can do a lot wrong...

    CaptainCanuck I wonder, have you done EVERY program already? That list is impressive, same with you, Fremen. I'm doing the dumbbell programs mostly for badge hunting. I like workouts without fixed reps more. And I like your approach, Fremen. Have to try that myself.

    Trbrat75 I thought you could use a bit more suspense in your life

    Day 288
    Ironheart Day 5
    20 Mins Rowing

    I think I should try Floof to Run before I head for my side job. I can't get it done when I come back.
    I also consider trying Cardio Trim, but all those High Knees worry me. Well, won't know before I try, eh?


      I think that I was missing 3 when I stopped doing them and they added 3 or 4 since then, though I did do Pathfinder. I really liked some of them, Cardio Run Trim and Boxer Prime stand out for me.


        lofivelcro I thought the Pathfinder story was just ok. Like you, it didn't make much sense and I never really liked all the freeloaders I was responsible for. Why couldn't they get their own wood or water, for Pete's sake? Anyway, Cardio Trim has a lot of high impact stuff but I liked it, it really got my heart rate up. Sometimes I had to modify the exercises to make them more knee-friendly, eg, stepjacks instead of jumping jacks, or mixing the two. It's worth a try!


          CaptainCanuck Boxer Prime looks insane! I'd like to do that, but it'll take time until I get there. Impressive record so far, mate.

          Lady Celerity exactly my thoughts on Pathfinder! I'll try it later, when I'll feel... idk how I should feel then. When I won't care, probably. I'll keep your tips for Cardio Trim in the back of my mind for when I need them, but the first day was okay. The scar tissue that usually gives me problems has been kinder to me the last weeks. Maybe I take better care of it.

          Day 289
          Floof to Run 22
          Ironheart 6
          Cardio Trim 1 Lvl 3 all 3 boni (probably could have done double the circuits and it would have been easier than all those high knees...)

          I got a new computer! Okay, it's still used and built from old components my other half had lying around, but it's at least double as fast as my laptop! I can finally watch videos without the fans going berserk and everything is so fast, I feel like I have entered the future and everything is chromed and neon-coloured. Maybe now I warm up to the idea of using smileys. My laptop got very loud when I tried to load them, but the new one purrs quietly like my cat when she's not hungry.

          I feel like an old man who has discovered the internet for the first time


            Welcome to the future


              Anek thank you, I feel very groovy now, catching up with the cool kids and all of that

              Day 290
              Floof to Run 23 (was a bit hard for Hime, I think. But she was brave and pulled through. I'm proud of her)
              Ironheart 7
              Cardio Trim 2 Lvl 3 bonus thing 2 (saw too late that number 1 was an extra circuit and number 3 was too hardcore for me. I'm not at 20+ push-ups yet)

              Since today, we're married. Well, civil-unioned to be precise, but who cares. I don't. It's the best I can get, so I take what I get. I'm happy.


                Congratulations and all the best for the two of you!
                May you be happy forever.


                  Mazal Tov!




                      Thank you so much, mavie, huma and @Anek!
                      I think after ten years it was appropriate. Haven't known since last week that this even was possible, but as always, my other half was more intelligent than I and bothered to actually look local laws up. I just accepted people saying "you can't get married here" and went on with my life.
                      Today also was our 10th anniversary and we spent it with a day long hike in the cold, with a cooked meal over fire (wild rice, vegetables and freshly hunted fowl) and lots of talking, lots of laughing and lots of walking. Hime and my mother-in-law stayed at home, only Fitz joined us. That little stubborn dog can run for hours and when he's too tired I can just carry him. Hime's not fit for such long walks. Yet.

                      So, because of that, a somewhat shorter workout today:

                      Day 291
                      Floof to Run 24
                      20 Mins Rowing

                      And yes, the ring I bought was for yesterday. We had an exchange in the car after the official part was over. Not very romantic, but eh, good enough.


                        Congratulations on your ceremony and anniversary! It sounds like you two are well suited for each other.


                          Happy Marriage


                            Belated congratulations on tying the knot!


                              Thank you, Ninshubur, Fremen and Aku-chan, the Hive is truly the best place on the internet.

                              Day 292
                              Ironheart 8

                              That's all. Hime was outside by herself today and wasn't interested in going out with me when she came back. Cardio was postponed because of an hours long phone call between my father and my mother-in-law. With me translating.
                              He's started learning Dutch. He took years to learn my mother's language for real. And now he learns Dutch to talk to a woman he has never met. I can only laugh and shrug at the same time.


                                Happy belated anniversary buddy!