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    Day 216
    DB Upper Body
    The Challenge Quintet Day 2
    Power Up Day 4

    Spartan Trials officially abandoned for now. Still no idea what to do next. Awaiting inspiration.

    Worked out on my social gains today, though. I think I've mentioned somewhere already that I'm kind of part of a minority here. Not really, though, I only happen to speak the same language. There are like seven people of those here and they have a get-together every Monday at a pub. I often got invited, went twice or so over the past years and then forgot about it. For some reason I went tonight again, to give my other half and his mother some private time.
    Devastating results.
    I totally suck at speaking my own mother tongue. Over the past years I haven't said much aside from greetings or such and lost a lot of it. I never was that good to begin with, because I had to struggle with two languages growing up, but I'm surprised how much I've lost.
    Maybe I'll go again next Monday.
    Or not.
    The company was good, though.

    DG13: Friendly people who don't mind me butchering their language


      Day 217
      DB Lower Body
      The Challenge Quintet Day 3
      Power Up Day 5

      Thinking about starting Spellbound tomorrow. Looks like an interesting program.

      DG14: I had forgotten what I wanted to put here and didn't write it down somewhere. Improvising, I think I'm grateful for a relaxed, uneventful and very warm day


        Day 218
        Spellbound Chapter 1 (Charged Silent Step)
        The Challenge Quintet Day 4
        Power Up Day 6

        I looked into Pathfinder and realised you can skip the workout in Chapter 1, save nobody, can continue to Chapter 2 and from that point on the workouts don't make much sense any more. Seems like the nice creators of the program never thought that someone would be so egoistic that they would ignore the survivors.

        DG15: Realised that I actually lead a pretty good life atm. While it's nice to look for things to be grateful for during the day, I now know that my mind's at peace enough that the psychological effects of the challenge are probably not all that big. Not that I mind. Thinking about trying the Daily Victory challenge as well. That's something I struggle more with, I think


          Day 219
          DB Upper Body
          The Challenge Quartet Day 5 (skipped on Negative Pull-Ups today)

          I actually skipped on the other two workouts as well. A racoon infiltrated our house and.... it wasn't good. Thanks to the cat there was a lot of chaos and I'm afraid the racoon wasn't okay. As in, rabies or something. It was really aggressive. I'll have to take it to the vet tomorrow, to have it checked out. And the cat, she got some scratches, but nothing bad. So, no evening workout.

          DG16: Nothing of value was broken in the chaos
          Daily Victory Day 1: Made an important phone call and probably got my point across


            I hope the cat and racoon are gonna be alright >:

            But important phone calls! I know how stressful those could be so I'm glad you got it done <:


              Hope both cat and raccoon are ok!


                The cat's fine, f1shtacular and Anek and as lively as always. I'm afraid the racoon didn't take the whole thing quite as well. Sometimes, these things happen. Sadly. I like racoons, they're usually friendly little buddies, but this one was quite feral. I have to wait what the vet will say. If it's rabies I have to be more alert in the future and can't let my dog and cat roam outside without a care for some time.

                Day 220
                DB Lower Body
                Power Up Day 7

                I have a huge blister on the sole of my feet that makes walking and standing feel weird. So I skipped on a few workouts today and will restart Spellbound when it doesn't give me problems any more. Probably tomorrow.

                DG17: Living with my mother-in-law has settled into a comfortable arrangement. Probably nothing for all eternity, but for the moment, I don't mind at all
                DV2: Surprisingly, I got up by myself today at a reasonable time. This doesn't sound like much, but ever since I don't work for anyone but me I've lost a lot of my usual discipline. Go me.


                  Day 221
                  The Challenges Quartet Day 6 (It's a quartet now. I detached the negative pull-ups for now and will do them separately)
                  Spellbound Spells charged: Iron Strike and Armour Level 1 (thanks to my foot I chose to do random spells I can do without irritating it too much)
                  Power Up Day 8

                  Bought a new bass some days ago which I'm going to keep after a few necessary adjustments. And because of that, I decided to gift my very first one to Jules today (amp included). He seemed surprised but positively happy. Putting smiles on people's faces feels awesome

                  DG18: Cheese pancakes
                  DV3: Finally got started on renewing the paint job on the fence. Didn't want to, but had nothing better to do so eh.


                    Putting smiles on people's faces is also addictive, and good karma


                      Originally posted by huma View Post
                      Putting smiles on people's faces is also addictive, and good karma
                      Ah, that's so true. I need more people in my life to put smiles on.

                      Day 222
                      The Challenge Quartet Day 7
                      Spellbound Spells Charged: Lightning Bolt and Sure Step

                      Weekly weigh-in: Nothing changed on average. Still at 48.8kg. I probably need to eat more.

                      Skipped Power Up.
                      I have a strange struggle with Darebee programs. On one hand, I like them for reasons unknown, on the other hand, I find it harder to stick with them continuously than with weight-based programs. I have no problem getting up and working out with dumbbells, but often enough I look at a day in a Darebee program and either think:
                      'okay, let's do this'.
                      Or I think 'naw, don't want to'.
                      Or maybe 'I don't feel it but do it anyway'.
                      And often enough I make up an excuse and skip it.
                      Whenever I come back to Darebee there are a few weeks/months where it almost exclusively is thought and three, and then it slowly degrades to thought two and four. No idea why, but it bothers me. At the same time, I don't really want to quit doing Darebee stuff. Eh.

                      DG19: Have talked about everything and nothing throughout the whole night until the sun rose. I'm grateful that after being together for around ten years we can still do that. I felt like a teenager spending his first (innocent) night with his crush. Awesome
                      DV4: Threw out a jar of slightly moldy marmalade without making a lot of fuss. That's a rare one. I loathe throwing out food I deem as salvageable


                        I have a strange struggle with Darebee programs.
                        I can relate to that, even though I'm quite new to the Darebee way and to self disciplined training as well.

                        I guess my life is not stable enough these days to stick to a program, or also maybe I don't manage to chose a program that's coherent with what I want + my abilities.

                        Anyway at the moment I use it as a broad ressources base and it fits what I'm looking for, and enables me to understand a bit better how to create your own program.

                        DG19 DV4
                        Really amazed on how you materialise and use these two challenges. Great way to keep track on positive things that happen to us.


                          Thanks for stopping by, Anon. If you're life's not that stable at the moment, it's always the best idea to just get in what you can. Even if it's just five minutes. Have you seen the Training Plans? Maybe that's something for you to look into. For me, I think tracking progress is easier with weights (you just add to it as you get stronger). With Darebee workouts, the best indicator probably is how easy a workout feels, or how well you're performing exercises that felt hard two months ago. I'm still trying to figure out what works. Let's make the best out of it.

                          Day 223
                          DB Upper Body
                          The Challenge Quartet Day 8
                          Spellbound Chapter 3, charged Increased Speed
                          Power Up Day 9

                          I finally start to remember actually liking posts.

                          DG20: A lady from town dropped by today to deliver a bunch of clothes her son grew out of and she thought I could use them. I'm grateful that she thought of me, because it feels like I'm part of the community and not a stranger, but I don't know what to think about getting the clothes of a fourteen year old boy
                          DV5: Finished the fence's paint job


                            Day 224
                            DB Lower Body
                            The Challenge Quartet Day 9

                            And a lot of chopping wood. The temperature dropped today and so far I haven't done that. Or forgot about it. No idea. It'll be an eternal mystery why I'm responsible for keeping track of all those things.

                            DG21: Good food
                            DV6: Had a difficult customer today and managed to deescalate the situation before it got ugly, all the while staying calm. Great victory, I possess the speech skill of an amoeba (and talk at the same speed)


                              I possess the speech skill of an amoeba (and talk at the same speed)

                              Yay for deescalating!!


                                Ha, glad that I made you laugh, chuckle, or at least put a tiny smile on your face, Trbrat75. And yeah, deescalating is always nice, better than the alternative. I'm a surprisingly peaceful person most of the time

                                Day 225
                                The complete Darebee bundle today:
                                The Challenge Quartet Day 10
                                Spellbound up to Chapter 6, charged Ethereal and Persuasion
                                Power Up Day 10

                                Looks pretty neat with the checkmarks. One day I'll even use one of those smileys, or emoticons, or whatever they are called.

                                DG22: Yearly check-up today, everything's fine and dandy. Got scolded for taking too much time with gaining weight. Grateful to have a doctor who actually has an interest in my well-being and checks more than he has to. Treats me like a son, too, by scolding me all the time. It's all fun banter, though. Got a sandwich from his wife afterwards for the bike ride home.
                                DV7: Made a tomato sauce that actually didn't suck and went quite well with the fish I caught. Thumbs up all around the table