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Monday madness

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    Monday madness

    Alcohol consumption = 375mls of delicious red wine.
    Food consumption = 1 onion bagel with butter and a slice of cheese, 90mg of chilli heatwave Doritos, 1 crunchie, a handful of sugary jelly sweets.
    Tobacco consumption = 3 roll ups.
    Exercise = 1 set of arms of steel, 1 set of knee physio, 1 mile walk, 15 minute football, garden work 2hrs,

    Didn't do as much as I wanted to yesterday due to a knee flare up, knee a bit swollen so I left the night session. Managed to dismantle 3 pallets yesterday, because of my excessive clumsiness I nearly lost an eye! I stood on the end of a joist with nails in and forgot to hold the top. It flipped forward, whacked me in the face, the head of the nail connected just below my bottom eyelashes and now I’m sporting a shiner! LOVING IT!! Is that weird? I thought a large glass of yellowtail jammy red roo was in order to numb my pain. I’ve finally dismantle the last of my pallets (15 in total) which I will be glueing, sanding, sealing, staining then using to build my decking in the back garden.

    Hello and welcome!