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I'm going on an adventure!

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    nemalo safe travels and good luck with the vacation.


      Mr. Bilal, thanks! I'm happy I'm finally done with it, ahaha!
      This translation was surprisingly well done. Not perfect, but far, FAR better than what it used to be.

      Rahx - thanks, man.

      And this goes to both of you guys - I wish you a happy New Year; may you find a lot of happiness ahead! Lots of health, laughter, friends, success and love; keep on rocking, fellow Bees! :hands-vulcan:


        Oh you just went for a day. I thought you would be away for a week or something and my surprise became a total fail! Yehh! And the translation credit goes to Mr. Google Translate XD

        And "Rahx, thanks 'man' "? XD So even you think she is a male! XD
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          Yep, went for a day for the New Year's party; but tomorrow I'm going away for a week or so.
          Hahah, I know, that's why I've commented on the translation being better than I remember it to be! If I remember correctly, the translator improves with people using it and correcting it.

          The "man" part is just a figure of speech; I use it for everyone, regardless of their gender (unless they specifically tell me not to).


            Yep, I figured you meant it in a non-gendered way (plus internet forums and gender ambiguity for the win). I, personally, find it really hard to break the habit of referring to everyone as "guy"/"guys".

            A Happy New Year with good health and happiness to you both, too.


              Well, came home from the week in Austria - and it was AWESOME! Went snowboarding (which I figured I like very much and will continue to continue doing it whenever I get the chance) and walked around in beautiful nature... And, of course, had the pleasure of sampling some wonderful cooking (that was not necessarily typically Austrian, but, oh well ).
              I did come home all battered and bruised from my adventures on the slopes, though, so I think I'll take a few days break before working out - my knees, elbows and glutes are mightily protesting whenever I make a sudden movement. Luckily I recover quickly.


                Nemalo is baaaaccckkkk!! (This is so funny XD )
                Glad you enjoyed your trip.


                  Thanks man!
                  Yeah, I enjoyed it. Didn't think it would be so awesome, to be perfectly honest. If you ever get the chance, visit Schladming (aka the city I was staying at)!


                    Oooooh boy.

                    10th January
                    Did but a few push-ups; everything ached.

                    11th January
                    Chapter 1 (L3); casual training
                    Decided that taking things easy was the way to go, so I started choosing easy workouts.

                    12th January
                    The Roaster (L3); casual training; long walk

                    13th January
                    Set to Stun (L3); casual training; long walk

                    14th January:
                    Selene (L3); casual training
                    This was the day that the before-breakfast-burpees have made their infernal comeback!

                    15th January
                    Torch (L3); loooong walk

                    16th January (aka the day when I gorged on chocolate)
                    Boy, That Escalated Quickly (L3 - done twice); casual training

                    17th January
                    Temple Run (L3); casual training

                    18th January
                    Crossfire (L3); Boy, That Escalated Quickly (L1); casual training; long walk

                    19th January (aka the evening when I made myself sick due to all of the chocolate I ate)
                    Ultimate Burn (L3); 2 Minute Workout (3 sets); casual training

                    20th January (aka the day when the chocolate will probably start calling me "nemalo the destroyer")
                    Iron Maiden (L3); an hour on the elliptical; casual training


                      Another great big pause between entries. Well, life sort of happened, so I didn't really have much time... :/ Sooo, catching up now!

                      21st January:
                      did a lot of walking, a bit of casual training and spinned the elliptical for a bit

                      22nd January:
                      King of the hill (L3), casual training

                      23rd January (the day I got sick ) :
                      Plan B (L3), casual training

                      24th January (still sick):
                      Poseidon (L3), casual training

                      25th January:
                      One Punch (L3), casual training

                      26th January:
                      Ultimate burn (L3), casual training

                      27th January (didn't really feel like working out, so the work out was a bit forced):
                      Berserker (L3), casual training

                      28th January:
                      Tiger, tiger (L3), casual training, Daily Dare

                      29th January:
                      Wild hunt (L3)m Daily Dare, casual training

                      30th January:
                      Body Patch, (L3), Daily Dare (EC), casual training

                      31st January:
                      Mulan (L3), DD, casual training

                      1st February (the day when I demolished a lot of sweets):
                      Torch (L3), casual training; first yoga lesson

                      2nd February (the destruction of sweets continues):
                      Boy, that escalated quickly (L3), Monday workout, casual training

                      3rd February (hello, chocolate):
                      G.I. Jane (L3), Monday Workout, casual training, yoga

                      4th February:
                      Lone wanderer (L3), Godmode (1 set), Stay awake (2 sets), casual training

                      5th February (more destruction of sweet stuff):
                      Firestorm (L3), Monday workout, casual training

                      6th February:
                      Hear me roar (L3), Stay awake (3 sets), DD, casual training

                      7th February:
                      Shepard (L3), 30 days of strength (day 1, L3), casual training


                        Hmm, sick, and done at level 3. Wha?? Well done, well done.
                        And a moment of silence for all that destruction caused in sweet land...
                        You've started 30 days of strength? Good luck!


                          I picked the ones that I knew I could complete with ease despite being sick, haha! I have a theory that the exercise helped me get better.

                          Yeah, started it despite having no pull up bar and no other thing to use as one either. I decided to substitue it as best as I can with other exercises though, despite knowing that's not really it at all. But I'll get a pull up bar when I move to my own place!

                          Man, I need to get my eating in check. Destroyed too many sweets lately. :/ I'll never get that flat tummy I dream about, hahaha!


                            8th February (also known as the day my cousin visited me, and we went for pizza and cake):
                            30 days of strength, day 2, part 1 (L3, repeated it twice), part 2 (no pull up bar, so I substituted it as best as I could with alt arm/leg planks and push-ups); had yoga class (since it's the beginner's course, we mostly stretched and did the Sun Salutation a few times); casual training

                            Today (destroyed an entire chocolate. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!?):
                            30 days of strength, day 3 (L3); Ultimate Burn (L3); casual training

                            I've been eating too many sweets in the form of chocolate and dried fruits (dates and figs are basically the banes of my existence ). I also noticed that even though I'm in the range of my ideal weight I still have that blasted bulging tummy that I can't seem to get rid of - and all of the junk I've been shovelling up my face these last few weeks certainly isn't helping the situation.
                            Well, I've taken the 30 days of strength in the hopes of combating the tummy problem... I also need to clean up my eating ASAP. -sigh-
                            Well, nemalo, over and out...


                              10th February:
                              30 days of strength, day 4 (did it twice because it said nothing on how many sets one should do, so... eh); Night's Watch (L3); Set to stun (L3); casual training

                              I managed to resist the call of the chocolate today, YAAAAY! However, I'll be at my cousin's place for the weekend, and I know I'll do little (or maybe better, absolutely no) exercise and we will be eating out (since he enjoys burgers, something tells me we'll be off at burger places... with desserts afterwards). Don't get me wrong, he's a sporty type, he lifts in a gym and all, but we'll mostly be inside his house because he's invited me over for a party, and the thought of fried food, sweets and alcohol makes me panic - and although I can limit the amount I eat, I can't refuse it altogether (and I can hopefully evade the alcohol).
                              I do know, however, I should get my thinking in check because lately, I don't like where my relationship with food started taking me. I began obsessing over what exactly I can eat (selecting "safe" foods, so to speak... I limited my foods of choice drastically!), how much and when of it I could eat; would restrict something, and then I'd devour a lot of chocolate because I'd be absolutely starving and I would be craving it badly. It came up to the point that I can smell if someone was eating chocolate in the living room while I'm in the hallway. The last thing I need is to develop an eating disorder.
                              I think I'll go to bed and get some sleep. I'm dead tired and have felt worn out for days.


                                Originally posted by nemalo View Post
                                I can smell if someone was eating chocolate in the living room while I'm in the hallway.
                                What the.....