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    A race coming close makes training elevating at the list of the daily priorities
    That's true, Botenlauben . I didn't miss any running sessions since I started this training plan (there was only one long run that I cut short due to stomach issues), but when I follow longer-term training plans, especially ones with a higher load, I simply get tired of the monotonity and previously easy runs begin to feel tedious. Knowing that race day is creeping closer, I'm motivated to finish boring runs too

    Is the Red Run a virtual run or will you travel to the Czech Republic?

    And that company you described sounds like one of those rare ones you're lucky to be part of and experience during your life. The dorm's community could've been like that too, if it was the common values that held the members together instead of the simple fact that they studied at the same institution.

    July 5

    Late morning
    65 min run:
    -- 15 min warm-up jog
    -- 4x | 4 min fast pace (4:46-4:58) | 3 min jog
    -- 5x | 30 sec challenging pace (4:09-4:21) | 1 min jog
    -- 15 min cooldown jog
    Jay Johnson SAM: Phase 2, hard day

    Late afternoon
    3x11 push-ups -- Day 5 of Push-ups & Squats
    Day 14 of Arms of Steel -- push-ups: 16-8-9-5
    Day 63 of 90 Days of Action -- abs | lvl I
    (Σ: 26 min)

    35 min walk

    July 6

    Before breakfast
    Morning Ritual

    Before lunch
    Day 15 of Arms of Steel
    60 squats -- Day 6 of Push-ups & Squats
    Day 64 of 90 Days of Action -- endurance | lvl III
    foam rolling
    (Σ: 36 min)

    Late night
    45 min run:
    -- 5 min warm-up jog
    -- 35 min easy pace (6:07-6:44)
    -- 5 min cooldown jog
    Jay Johnson SAM: Phase 2, easy day


      I didn't miss any running sessions since I started this training plan
      I wish I could say something similar about me sticking to a training plan.
      I have done so many training plans and it has never worked out as I had planned. So I have established a rule to repeat a week if I did not fulfill the plan's requirements. Works quite well - after 10+ weeks of training I have now arrived at week 2.

      The Red Run is a new (and real) run that apparently takes place at the Biathlon course in Nove Mesto. I am looking forward to travelling to the Czech Republic again. I have become a fan of Eastern Europe actually - it seems to me in my humble opinion that this still is Europe with all its rich culture and diversity of region, landscape, food, traditions etc. - while we over here are only Europeans by name, not being able to contribute anything to the richness of the world, rapidly amalgamating into something shallow and unspecific and noisy that one can encounter everywhere on the world - same smartphones, same dresses, same cars.... - but I do not want to go into political matters .
      Just to be honest: the Czechs have very generous time limits at their races.


        I wish I could say something similar about me sticking to a training plan.
        Don't feel bad, Botenlauben , in exchange I'm less productive in other areas of my life.

        Have fun during your visit to the Czech Republic! I think Eastern European countries are well on their way towards globalisation though. People in the cities don't care much about traditions and people in villages are often too poor to do so properly. Though the Czechs might be different from the Hungarians in that regard, I don't know. The Poles certainly are; I remember how amazed I was when we went to church in a village near the Southern border during a parish festival, and there were girls about as old as I am now wearing gorgeous traditional dresses. And it wasn't for show, they were simply respecting the local traditions.

        July 7

        Day 65 of 90 Days of Action -- energizer | lvl III
        Day 16 of Arms of Steel -- lvl III
        3x11 push-ups -- Day 7 of Push-ups & Squats
        Wayward -- lvl I | 1 min rest | jump squats instead of jump knee tucks to avoid making too much noise
        foam rolling and stretching
        (Σ: 45 min)

        30 min walk

        I wish everyone as sweet dreams as this guy probably had. Next to him you can see one of his favourite toys, an old scarf with a toilet paper tube tied to one end. His other favourite toys are small crumpled paper balls. He doesn't really care, as long as you pay attention to HIM and only to HIM.

        Click image for larger version

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          That belly!!! It demands rubs!


            ... and then would earn us some bites, Anek


              Such a handsome fella!


                What a cutie pie. Chelsea sends regards.


                  So cute! My Casper's favorite toy is whatever piece of shiny he finds. And woe betide those who ignore him! Pup taught him to be loud!


                    Awwww, so sweet! Head scritches (as belly rubs are ... A TRAP!)


                      A cat thread I see!

                      Just popping into say "hi" Mianevem on your new thread, which seems to be going well.




                          Such a cute kitty!


                            Lovely kitty! Coco sends her best.


                              I won't bother writing down all the activities I did in the past two weeks. I stayed active despite not reporting here: I only missed a few days with my programmes and I followed my running plan without mistake. By that I mean I started and finished each of my prescribed runs -- there was one day when I couldn't keep up the required pace because it was hot and I was too careless about hydration. I've been neglecting the SAM workouts though.

                              In the meantime my sister got married with me being her witness, nearly all Covid-related restrictions had been lifted in my country and virtual meetings turned into personal ones, as a result our cat now shows symptoms of separation anxiety, and I work as much as I can to see if starting my own business would be profitable even if in the beginning my only client would be the translation agency I currently work for. There's also a job at the Polish Institute that I want to apply for; it requires a high level of Polish which I haven't really practised for two years, so I don't count on getting this position, but at the very least it should motivate me to squeeze some Polish practice into my days, and that's good because my long-term plan is to work with Polish anyway.

                              I'll add today's log to this post at least, and then I'll begin to catch up with the other Bees.

                              July 21

                              Early morning
                              Day 28 of Arms of Steel -- lvl III
                              3x15 push-ups -- Day 21 of Push-ups & Squats
                              Day 76 of 90 Days of Action -- circuit | lvl I | 2 min rest

                              (Σ: 44 min)


                              1 hr walk


                                Great to see you again! Good luck with the Polish!