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    Please donate if you can

    The emergency fund is 92% gone as I write this. If you enjoy this site and the resources, please join me in making a donation.

    There were > 27,000 folks on this site on Feb 14. If everyone had donated the equivalent of just 1 dollar, that would surely be enough to rebuild the the fund.

    If you are a Phys Ed teacher and have used these resources for your class, would you please donate a dollar or the equivalent?

    If you have cooked one of the recipes, would you donate a dollar or the equivalent to Darebee, to make sure there are more recipes to come?

    If you have downloaded t-shirt logos or dice templates or an exercise log or the pdf of a program, would you please donate a dollar or the equivalent to make sure these resources will be available for others?

    Think on it. I donated last week and will be donating again tomorrow. Please give whatever you can. The hive is only healthy if the bees are active.

    I thought that the 92% meant that it was 92% full for what the emergency fund goal is
    It is a bit unclear though and I'm not 100% sure about it myself, but I think a lot of people have donated and that's why the % is going up
    Hopefully someone on the darebee team can clear up the confusion about this soon



      It looks like there's not been much panic because the pot is filling up (Here)
      I hope that once the emergency fund is filled people continue to donate, darebee relies on the donations so for anyone who can please still donate even if it's just $1


        Is there a Wise (formerly TransferWise) account that I can transfer to?