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    September 12
    Continuous Days of Exercise: 274
    Merlin, Level 1
    8 Push-Ups
    Daily Squats Challenge – Day 12
    Daily Abs
    Body Flow

    September 13
    Continuous Days of Exercise: 275
    Long walk
    Daily Squats Challenge – Day 13
    9 Push-Ups

    September 14
    Continuous Days of Exercise: 276
    Daily Squats Challenge – Day 14
    Energy Boost
    10 Push-Ups
    Everyday Hero, Level 1 with EC
    Imp Workout, Level 1 with EC
    Neck Mobility
    30 minutes

    September 15
    Continuous Days of Exercise: 277
    Daily Squats Challenge – Day 15
    11 Push-Ups
    Hot Sauce, Level 1 with EC
    Shh! The Universe is Talking, Level 1 with EC (love the name of this one)


      September 16
      Continuous Days of Exercise: 278
      Daily Squats Challenge – Day 16
      Long walk

      September 17
      Continuous Days of Exercise: 279
      Morning Ritual
      Daily Squats Challenge – Day 17
      Calves Rehab
      Hamstring Stretch
      13 Push-Ups

      September 18
      Continuous Days of Exercise: 280
      Warmup – Unbound
      Exercise of the Day – 50 back leg raises with EC
      Daily Squats Challenge – Day 18 – 70 squats
      Totals – Day 1 (40 squats, 40 lunges, 40 bridges, 40 side leg raises)

      We're still traveling, and I'm missing the fitness and food routines of home. I'm adding the Totals program to the mix in the hopes it'll add more routine while also being relatively travel flexible.


        Best of luck exercising and eating better while traveling


          Best luck with everything! (:


            Thank you! Gandhalfit motionaction


              I gave up on posting toward the end of my travels, but I didn't break my fitness streak. Now that I'll be staying put for a while, I'm back to logging. I keep an offline log, and I won't post it all here, but I'll start with today.

              I've started the Burn & Build Mealplan. My plan is to follow it for a month (with one planned break on a day I'll be at a wedding) and then assess.

              Continuous Days of Exercise: 299
              βœ… Walk
              βœ… 30 Days of Change, Day 3 – Part 1

              βœ… Totals – Day 18
              βœ… Totals – Day 16
              βœ… Totals – Day 17
              βœ… Exercise of the Day – 30 jumping lunges
              βœ… 30 Days of Change, Day 3 – Part 2, Level 2
              βœ… Stretching
              βœ… Meditation

              βœ… Burn and Build Mealplan – Day 3/30


                Continuous Days of Exercise: 300

                Yesterday Morning
                βœ… 30 Days of Change, Part 1 – Day 4
                βœ… Meditation

                Yesterday Afternoon
                βœ… Exercise of the Day – 2 minutes side jacks with EC
                βœ… 30 Days of Change, Part 2 – Day 4, Level 3
                βœ… Totals – Day 19
                βœ… Sandman

                βœ… Burn and Build Mealplan – Day 4/30


                  Happy Sparta day!!!


                    I'm also planning on attacking the B&B meal plan (after I'm done with the current one), but I already know I'll be calling it HELL MONTH. (: Let me know how it turns out at the end and bestests of luck!!


                      Congratulations on 300 Days!


                        Anek Thank you! I like the name Sparta day. Makes me feel tougher than I probably really am.

                        JCU Thank you!

                        motionaction So far I'm enjoying Burn and Build. I printed out the page and stuck it on the fridge and use a measuring cup to scoop out portions to make it as simple as possible. I'm enjoying that it takes a lot of the mental work out of meals. I'm also only on day 5, haven't had any temptations in front of my face, and I've just returned after three months of eating a lot of junk food or not having healthy food available when I wanted it. We'll see how I feel in another week. I hope it goes well for you!


                          Continuous Days of Exercise: 301
                          βœ… Walk

                          βœ… Burn and Build Mealplan – Day 5/30


                            Happy 300


                              Happy Sparta Day!!
                              I LOVE that reference, since there is not a badge for it…


                                That's great, I'll definitely keep in mind some of those tips.
                                Happy Sparta day as well! (: