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Winter pentathlon readiness

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    Winter pentathlon readiness

    Hello everyone!

    I’m rejoining the hive. Last time I was on, it was after daughter #1. This community helped me get back into shape.I am back 2 years later this time with a special objective... the Winter Pentathlon!! Well my second one anyways . The first one I did last year 11month post partume of daughter #2. My goal was under 3h which I managed. This year I am now aiming for 2h20min.

    I have found that with these sanitary mesures in place and running around after toddlers, it has been hard to motivate myself to train consistently. The last time I have had A consistent Streak was when I was posting on the hive.

    So here is my training. I am running 5 times a week+ total abs program until their is enough snow and ice on the ground to intergrate the other sports into my program. I am shopping for a new bike since mine fell apart last winter.

    Day 1 of total abs done
    monday I have off of running since I ran 1h yesterday (8.4km).

    Welcome back Sheiina . I hope you achieve your goals.


      welcome back!!


        Day 2 of my posts.

        thank you for the welcome backs

        totals abs: day2 lvl 1.
        garmin 10k run training: 5min warm up, 30min run, 5min Cooldown = 5.81km

        Did my abs workout this morning with a toddlers using me as a jungle gym. And my run this evening with my hubby. It’s getting pretty frisky out there at a small 1 degree Celsius. I can wait for the snow to fall, it funny to say but the snow kind of kills the evening chills.


          Welcome back


            Day 3 (a bit late on posting)

            total abs day 3 lvl 1
            garmin run: warm up 10min 8x 20 sec run - 45 sec light jog. 10 min cool down.

            I had good interval training. Instead of thinking about juste running as fast as I can, the goal was to move my feet fast. Even if it wasn’t my fastest sprints, it felt effortless compared to when I try just running fast without thinking.

            Day 4

            i did total abs day 4 lvl 2. And it’s a rest day for running


              Wow it’s been 4 days since I posted. Dropped the ball on my post but not my workout.

              day 5
              I did total abs day lvl 5 lvl 1. It was funny watching my kids try to imitate the knee to elbow exercice. I also ran 4km in 25 min

              day 6
              I did total abs day 6 lvl lvl 1. I hate planks and I will always hate planks but I do them. I also ran 5km in 30min.

              day 7
              what a workout I did. I ran for 1h20min and did 12km!!! It was the first time in my like running for that long and doing that much!! I am soooo proud of myself! Let’s say that I skipped my abs that day because my body needed to rest.

              day 8
              I decided to take a full day of recovery. My body and mind need the time off

              day 9
              it was slightly hard to get my butt back in gear but I managed to do it. Total abs day 7 lvl 1 and an easy run 3.5 km in 22min. Also it was cold outside -5Cbreeeeerrrrrrrrrr