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    New to Strength Protocol

    I'm only on the second day, and I can't get going with this. It's relatively slow and deliberate along with the moves needing some research to check correctness.

    On the first day, tricep workouts were failing after only a couple of reps and today, wrists couldn't take it. I can do the 30 consecutive pushups which were a prerequisite, but I'm wondering I should do sometthing else to build up to this.

    I really want to get into calisthenics, but having to research moves etc and being unsure of their quality will put me off especially with a limited time of about 30-45 mins a day I have.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Would Military Fit be a better before Strength Protocol?


      Well MF is also a level 4 program.

      30 Days of Gravity
      30 Days of Strength
      Spartan Trials

      are level 3 strength programs


        Thanks HellYeah

        I've done all those apart from Spartan Trials.

        To me, it seems with SP one must jump straight in without any progression.

        I mean straight into RAISED pike push ups without normal one first for example.


          Okay. I'm on Day 7 now.

          Feeling okayish and can see the benefits of the exercises. Thanks, DB!


            Yay, SP is 'all in'... I procrastinate it, cause I feel like I need to be more prepared before I start to get a real benefit. But I guess I just need to put it on list...

            Haven't paid attention at your badges in my first post... Sorry.


              SP isn't exciting me. I think I just want that much more 'action'. I don't think I'm patient enough for SP.