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In hopes to keep myself motivated

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    In hopes to keep myself motivated

    I've been using darebee's resources on and off for several years now. My issue is the off season, it really just takes me back to point zero. I go at it for 4 months and boom. Nothing for 2.

    I just get bored very easily of everything, generally speaking. So working out is no different. I can't maintain the same thing everyday without grunting on day 20 about the repetition.

    So I tried the programs, they kept me interested for a month plus. This time was the longest, I kept at it but after 2 months I start noticing the patterns and repetitions in the weekly exercises. And I stopped again.

    Now I'm going to try shift programs every month. Or something.

    Maybe it'll work. Let's hope it does. I'm also thinking to keep a monthly log here. Perhaps the knowledge that I have to write down an update would keep me on track.

    I'll be starting with the combat HIIT program

    If anyone does read this, please feel free to suggest a sequence of programs you would recommend for someone who likes changing things up. I own dumbells so programs that require weights would do. I can't do push-ups (not a lot of arm strength) but I can do planks. Not a fan of running especially with the snow around now

    See y'all in a month! Thanks and have a great one.

    Hi and Welcome to the Hive. Keep trying to log here, helped me keep accountable too. And we will be here to cheer you on on your journey