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I Visited Darebee and All I Got Was This Great Workout

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    Thanks Anek, JCU, Whirly, Fremen, VacTom, Joe76, and PETERMORRIS966!

    Day 133 (2/1/2021)

    Baseline Day 12
    Posture Challenge Day 11
    First Thing Water Challenge Day 8
    Easy Abs Challenge Day 1
    Split Exercises


      Day 134 (2/2/2021)

      Chiropractor Day!
      First Thing Water Challenge Day 9

      Day 135 (2/3/2021)

      Baseline Day 13
      Posture Challenge Day 12
      First Thing Water Challenge Day 10
      Easy Abs Challenge Days 2-3
      Splits Exercises

      At my visit this week, my chiropractor said she thinks my progress has started to plateau, so it's time to try and kick it back into gear. That means new exercises and back to twice a week appointments! Not until next week though because it's supposed to snow up to another foot of snow tomorrow. I'd rather not drive in all that...


        I managed to graduate (my chiropractor's word) to every 2 weeks and I'm super happy about that. But I always feel so great after a visit that I wouldn't mind over much going back to every week!

        I hope everything works out for you!


          Day 136 (2/4/2021)

          Beat Saber Workout
          First Thing Water Challenge Day 11

          Day 137 (2/5/2021)

          Baseline Day 14
          Posture Challenge Day 13
          Easy Abs Challenge Days 4-5
          First Thing Water Challenge Day 12
          Splits Exercises

          Thanks JCU Congrats on your "graduation" hahaha! My chiropractor and I were hoping to get to every other week sometime last year, but with my working conditions (office job that has turned into even MORE sitting with working from home), there just wasn't as much progress as there was when I was at least walking to meetings and such during the day.

          I agree though, it feels so nice after the adjustment sessions, I honestly don't mind going back to twice a week! We're also going to be adding in traction and new exercises, so I'm excited to see what that'll do for me.


            I hope they go well! Best wishes for your journey!


              Day 138 (2/6/2021)

              Baseline Day 15
              Posture Challenge Day 14
              First Thing Water Challenge Day 13
              Easy Abs Challenge Day 6
              Splits Exercises

              Thanks again JCU ​​​​​​​


                Day 139 (2/7/2021)

                4 Minute Warmup
                Baseline Day 16
                Posture Challenge Day 15
                Easy Abs Challenge Day 7
                First Thing Water Challenge Day 14
                Lower Body Tendon Strength

                I think I need some more variety in my warm ups and cooldowns, so I randomly picked workouts under the warm up and cooldown filters. It was fun! Usually I just did the 4 Minute Warmup and Top to Bottom, but doing different workouts felt more interesting. We'll see if I remember to switch it up tomorrow.

                Happy Super Bowl Sunday to all the American football fans!


                  I started using d&d dices for some workouts, for variety. It sure is more interesting


                    The 4 Minute Warmup can be a workout itself, I think. I used to do Top to Bottom regularly but the session was just too long... Now I do it only on rest/ active rest days.


                      Day 140 (2/8/2021)

                      The Centanarian
                      Baseline Day 17
                      Posture Challenge Day 16
                      First Thing Water Challenge Day 15
                      Easy Abs Challenge Day 8
                      Post-Cardio Cooldown

                      Gandhalfit that sounds fun! Do you use them like how they're used in Spellbound?

                      kandy I really like the 4 Minute Warmup, mostly because I know it by heart so it's easy to get started in my workout. I agree with Top to Bottom, it was just getting so tedious. That was my main reason for deciding to switch them up.


                        No, it's just to pick a workout. I use the filter for type and difficulty and then, usually the 6 sides to get to a page (if there are more than 6 pages I roll it 3 times and go for the average) and then the 12 sides or 20 to get to a specific workout. Not so exciting.


                          Day 141 (2/9/2021)

                          Chiropractor Day!
                          First Thing Water Challenge Day 16

                          Day 142 (2/10/2021)

                          2 Minute Warmup
                          Baseline Day 18
                          Posture Challenge Day 17
                          First Thing Water Challenge Day 17
                          Easy Abs Challenge Days 9-10
                          Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings & Calves

                          Gandhalfit that's so clever! I've just been using a random number generator app that I've used for other things. Your way sounds more fun though, I might have to steal it.


                            Steal away


                              Day 143 (2/11/2021)

                              Chiropractor Day!
                              First Thing Water Challenge Day 18

                              Day 144 (2/12/2021)

                              The Centenarian
                              Baseline Day 19
                              Posture Challenge Day 18
                              First Thing Water Challenge Day 19
                              Easy Abs Challenge Days 11-12
                              Lower Body Tendon Strength
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                                Day 145 (2/13/2021)

                                Beat Saber Workout
                                First Thing Water Challenge Day 20

                                Day 146 (2/14/2021)

                                Baseline Day 20
                                Posture Challenge Day 19
                                First Thing Water Challenge Day 21
                                Easy Abs Challenge Days 13-14