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    I've played DnD for a very long time, but only the 3rd Edition and 3.5, before I switched to Pathfinder (which basically was 3.5, but a bit modernised). Sadly, I haven't played for years and still want to get back, but it's not easy
    Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale used ADnD, which was kind of the 2nd Edition. Good times.

    I had to dig a little to find out what's up in Hong Kong. You guys there are in a problematic position, I have the feeling (I still remember watching how the UK handed Hong Kong back to China on the TV, all those celebrations and such...). I don't want to make your thread political, so I just end with a 'take care and all the best for you and your family'


      I had to catch up on Hong Kong news too and I agree with Nihopaloa. Take care of yourself and keep posting. Looks like you are doing some good work. Got to love leg day!


        Nihopaloa Baryl Thank you guys for your warm thoughts. Things have settled down once again - until the next political anniversary or contentious occasion.

        I don't like Leg day. But I do love Arms day, which is what today was! After the pell-mell nonsense of doing as many sets as I could last week, I took it easy and did fifteen sets for biceps and triceps each.

        Today's workout:

        Close-grip Bench: 4 x 6
        Barbell curls: Maxed at 40 x 7
        Skullcrushers: 4 x 6
        Incline curls: 4 x 16
        Cable tri extension: 4 x 6
        Hammer Curls: 4 x 20
        Plank tri extension (I don't know of a good name for these?): 3 x 8
        Goblet Curl: 3 x 8
        + 10 minutes on the treadmill.

        And I got out feeling totally bushed. No Strength Protocol today, I'm saving it for tomorrow.

        Stumbled back home, drank a diet coke, and made some yummy noms.

        Click image for larger version

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        I FINALLY BEAT HADES FOR THE FIRST TIME. I was expecting a grand plot explanation and I didn't get one, so I need to beat the game some more?!? Bummer. Thankfully, it's a really good game.

        Sweet dreams and sweet gains to you, Bees!

        This was on my workout playlist:


          Yo Bees!

          I didn't really do much today, apart from Strength Protocol Day 24, as well as a walk of 6000 steps. I think at this point I've contented myself with the fact that I'm not really a 7 day a week exercise person; at least not with full intensity every day. Something to work on.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_flex.jpg Views:	0 Size:	169.3 KB ID:	733303

          Behold the Pat version of a progress pic! In which I show absolutely no before photos, haven't finished the actual program, and have to remind myself that my muscles still exist. Good grief.

          Now I'm going to go back to playing Hades some more!

          I hope that you have a pleasant Sunday, fellow Bees!

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            I like your progress pics
            Have a very nice Sunday as well (it's probably already pretty much over where you live, though)!


              C'mon, everybody! Isn't that a song...?

              Nihopaloa daww thanks! It was a good weekend, but I'm happy to get along with the week.

              Today is, as always, Chest day. I didn't make the big breakthrough I'd hoped for - I want to be able to bench 125 five times. Didn't happen. Eh, sometimes it doesn't.

              Bench Press: Maxed at 122.5 x 5s
              Smith Incline Press: 4 x 6
              Close grip Press: 4 x 6
              Dips: 4 x 15

              So good, but not great. I also did Strength Protocol Day 25.

              Rather sleepy so I'm going to pack it in. Good luck, Bees!

              This was my workout soundtrack for today:


                I dread Back day, but it's gotta be done. I miss the days where I was capable of deadlifting 175 ten times... but reminiscing won't get me there. That's why I'm back in the gym working at it.

                I had some extra time at the gym, so I kind of went crazy.

                Today's routine:

                Deadlifts: Maxed at 165 x 5, a new PR for now. I literally only did one set.
                Barbell rows: 4 x 6
                Underhand grip barbell Rows: 4 x 6
                Machine rows: 4 x 6
                Alternating dumbbell rows: 4 x 20
                Close-grip rows: 4 x 6
                + An 18 minute jog

                I'll do Strength Protocol tomorrow, I'm flat-out pooped now.

                I noticed that all my rep ranges go between 4-6 reps. I know that there's this official guide out there on how many repetitions you need to do for specific goals; 1 rep is for max strength and 10 is for hypertrophy, or muscle-building. A few years ago I dropped my reps from 10 to 5, and it simply suited me better.

                Finished off today with a night of DnD (5th edition), and now I'm back home.

                Whew! Not bad at all, Bees! Take care.

                I listened to...


                  After a day of pigging out and not doing much (man I've got to do something about that!), it's back in the gym.

                  Arms day again.

                  Close-grip press: 4 x 6
                  Preacher curls: 4 x 6
                  Dual dumbbell overhead press: 4 x 8
                  Incline flat-grip dumbbell curls: 4 x 20
                  Tricep kick-backs: 4 x 6 (these are really hard)
                  Incline hammer curls: 4 x 20
                  Rope extensions: 4 x 10
                  Goblet curls: 4 x 8

                  As well as Strength Protocol Day 26.

                  I'm getting back into work again, sloooowly. Have been teaching English to clients online. It hasn't made me much money, but it's good to be productive, again. I've spent so many evenings applying to countless job postings and wishing I could do real damage with my glare of death.

                  Have a nice one, fellow Bees!

                  Today I was in the mood for


                    Congrats on your deadlift PB!


                      Applying for jobs is the pits. Good that you have some income and hope you catch a break soon.


                        Manuela Thank you so much!

                        Io6 You're telling me. I stopped banging my head against the wall and applying for countless postings, and just struck out on my own. Thank you for your thoughts!

                        Still here. Still hating Leg day; still gotta do it.

                        Squats: 4 x 5 (At only 100 kg. I scaled it back and didn't bother with maxing today)
                        Leg Press: 5 x 6
                        Barbell Split Squats: 4 x 5
                        + Incline Walk: 15 minutes

                        And Strength Protocol Day 27.

                        Weak-legged Pat. I'm one of those fools who worked his legs less than his upper body and my unimpressive lifts are the result. At least my deadlift's sloooowwly getting better.

                        Went for my post-gym walk outside to get the steps up. Being the weekend, there's been a ton of people out and about; the smell of roasting chestnuts was thick in the air as well. I love that our city remains so lively even in such dire times.

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                        Stay safe, Bees.

                        This track pumped me up:

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                          What up, Bees?

                          Been a bit of a hiatus here, what with me being lazy, and with a typhoon rolling into town. I completed Day 28 of Strength Protocol a few days ago. neilarey helped me change the title of the thread to reflect my focus on trying to workout more consistently.

                          Today is chest day... but I haven't slept well in the last few days, and I was feeling it today. Due to my lacklustre performance, I'm going to lower my weights by about 10 or 11 kg and work my way back up.

                          Bench Press: 125 x 3 (failed), backed off to 120. 4 x 3
                          Incline Bench: 4 x 6
                          Weighted Pushups: 4 x 10
                          And a set of 12 dips to finish off.

                          It beat my ass solid, so I'm taking the break on the DB workout for today: I'll shift Day 29 to tomorrow.

                          Because it's almost All Hallows Eve, I'm recording a drum and vocal cover of a suitably spooky song using my pride and joy - my crappy old Roland TD4. First I have to remember the vocals and sync them with the drum parts...

                          Click image for larger version  Name:	rsz_drums.jpg Views:	2 Size:	375.1 KB ID:	735280

                          May your workouts be awesome and your days be pleasant, Bees!

                          This is the song I'm (in the process of) practicing:

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                            Very good new title!


                              Thank you AnnieW! It sounds, uh... very philosophical and stuff, but I like it.

                              Back Day. My fatigue has persisted throughout the week, so I didn't want to push it with the deadlifts. Just a simple, bodybuilding-style routine.

                              Wide-grip pulldowns: 4x6
                              Machine one-handed pulls: 4x6
                              Alternating Dumbbell one-handed rows: 4x20
                              Close-grip cable rows: 4x6

                              Also, I did Strength Protocol Days 29 and 30. IT'S DONE!! Break out the party hats and the vuvuzuelas! I can move on to something more fun, like Spellbound. I'll write up some detailed thoughts on it tomorrow.

                              See you tomorrow, Bees!

                              The breakup was still on my mind. So I pounded this while working out.


                                Congrats on Completing Strength Protocol!