Regressing - and hopefully improving in the long run.

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    Regressing - and hopefully improving in the long run.

    Ever since lockdown started, I have been trying to add exercise into my schedule. I was never great at it, but adding in Yoga did a lot for my self consciousness. I have always been adding in some darebee challenges around the middle of it, and at one point I could do 50 push ups.... once.

    Over the past few weeks I have deteriorated and even 20 push-ups seems to be a challenge lately, or mostly anything in . As such, my motivation to keep doing the workouts has plummeted. Hoping a thread to keep myself accountable will help with sticking to it, and hopefully getting back over those 20 push ups.

    Am trying to work out 5 days a week (with rest days scheduled over wednesday & saturday), using a core set of exercises, and around three extra exercises for variation during the week. My current "core set" is this, very limited by the fact that I cannot do anything that involves jumping, etc because I have to work out a the second story, with a floor that sometimes shakes if I were to do calf raises.

    Push ups 20 (+10 after a few secs break)
    Sit ups 30
    Leg raised sit ups 10
    Side planks 30 secs
    Wall sits 1m40
    Push Ups 15

    Today was - both better and worse. I am wondering if I should do some warm ups, because my second set of 15 push ups went arguably better than the first fifteen I did for my 30 total. Next week I am going to push it up to 1m50 wall sit, because it has been starting to go better. Another few days with 30 secs side planks, because I am still struggling with it.

    Done today:
    Core set:
    - Push ups 30
    - Sit ups 30
    - Leg raised sit ups 10
    - Side planks 30 secs
    - Wall sits 1m40
    - Push Ups 15

    -Single Leg Reverse Hyper 40/side
    -Glute Bride With Rocks 40 total
    - bicep curls: 3 x 15/side, 3 kg

    Sit ups were... difficult. Especially the leg raised ones. Need to find something to put underneath me to avoid wounds.


      Switched my rest day to monday instead of Wednessday because I was exhausted after an exam and couldn't even do my yoga.

      Core set:
      - Sit ups 30
      - Leg raised sit ups 10
      - Push ups 30
      - Side planks 30 secs
      - Wall sits 1m50 (!)
      - Push Ups 15

      Lying T's - 50
      - An improvised Weight exercise which should mimic the movement of a push up.

      It is getting quite demotivational that I keep failing at doing even 30 pushups in one go. I must be doing something wrong, but for the life of me I don't quite know what. The second set of 15 went better than the first 15 of the first set. again. Maybe switching them over would be more beneficial. I do try to exercise to about 100 cal (on my fit bit, that is), to keep them balanced. Maybe I should find some workouts on here that would fit my workout situations, and see if they could work.

      Maybe following a programme could be more beneficial?


        Have a big exam coming up tomorrow - don't know if I will have time to really work out today. Will update this post, if I end up doing my workouts as well.

        I am probably going to try the Combat HIIT programme, It seems a bit much to combine it with what I was doing, but will try it out to see. Once my exam is done, I have zero plans over the rest of July, so I should have time to workout every day.

        In need of a concentration break, I did Day one of Combat HIIT, on level 2. Could have done level 3, but I want to stick to one level throughout the whole programme. Learned the hard way that turning kicks and narrow workout spaces don't mix well, and I need to ice my little toes now because they did not like their encounter with the cabinet edge.


          Great going Mulford..
          No need to worry if you are unable to do something at first.. keep going at it and eventually you'll be able to do it..
          In case of pushups just shift to knee-pushups when you cannot do any regular ones and continue.. until you can do all regular pushups.. also you can start doing in sets 3 or 4 sets of 30 pushups (regular + knee) so that you can eventually do 30 (or your target) in one go...
          There is also a push-up challenge which can help you..


            vrsthe1 Thank you! I will definitely try to incorporate the knee push ups and the more sets. I did try (and succesfully did) the Push-up challenge before, don't quite know why it declined. Maybe I should pick it back up on the side, though.


              After a day of rest, I just did combat HIIT day 2 on level 2 - AND managed to do around 7 push ups each 10 second interval without having to stop! My arms/shoulder ache now - but it was nice and energising. WIll do my basic workout routine during the afternoon, I think. But so far, so good.

              Ended up doing the Rock Hard Abs workout on level II.


                Did Day 3 of Combat HIIT. It was great to see myself progress from being very clumsy at the backhand + side kicks, to really getting into the motion, and having it be a second nature. Was quite tired by the end of it, but it was really energizing workout


                  Day 4 & 5 done over the next few days - motivation has been at an all time low, but at least I am doing it. Managed to hit myself more often than not with the punches for day 5. Might do Fighter's Codex after this one.


                    Hello there.. its nice to see that you have picked a program.. and Combat HIITs a good one..
                    And regarding the motivation, here are the 2 threads that Damer started on The Hive.. might be useful to keep going to it once in a while..

                    1. Motivation and How to make it stick
                    2. Facing Your Fear


                      vrsthe1 Thank you for the links! Will def look through them when I have the time.


                        JULY 9
                        - Combat HIIT day 7
                        - YWA - Yoga For Weight Loss - Love Yoga Flow

                        JULY 10
                        - Combat HIIT day 8
                        - YWA - Yoga For Weight Loss - Hips and Core Vinyasa

                        JULY 11
                        - Combat HIIT day 9
                        - YWA - Gentle Yummy Yoga

                        I am starting to see a little bit of change in my body, or maybe I am just imagining it. So far, so good. I think I could have pushed myself to level 3 of the Combat HIIT program, especially for the practice days.