40 years old starting over

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    40 years old starting over


    I'm 40 years old and starting a new fitness journey.

    I'm 5'9" and 11 stone 9.

    Unfortunately I'm always too eager and have managed to injure myself probably via poor form / too much exercise which has caused long term problems with hips , ankles , wrists and back to name a few !

    On the advice from another thread I started , I've started foundation.

    True to form I've been a little over keen and have done 2 days of the program in 1 day on several days (on level 3) , in addition to a 6 pack challenge app

    Felt rough the last couple of days , really tired and bad stomach .
    So I think I've done too much

    So I'm learning! Hopefully not too late .

    I'm taking today off , maybe tomorrow as full recovery days . Intend on going to bed early tonight.

    Then when I head back in I'm sticking at 1 day at a time , I've deleted the 6 pack app but am considering the Total Abs program as an additional (but probably on alternative days )

    Fingers crossed I don't follow my old path again !.

    I'm hoping by writing it down it will encourage me to do this correctly this time 🤞

    Welcome to the hive! Good luck on your fitness journey!


      Welcome to the hive! Slow and steady wins the race. Good to have you here.


        I understand exactly what you're talking about. I also make the mistake of doing too much or working too hard and getting injuries. I'm sure we'll both get it right this time.


          Welcome Benhart and please take it slowly. This is coming from someone is frequently overzealous and more often than not takes on more than I can handle. I too have also suffered set backs from trying to hard or too much. Time is against us with our age but consistency is the key and the rest will fall into place.


            Welcome to the Hive! Good luck, you got this


              Start slow, routine and proper form. Good luck, you have got this!
              BTW I'm 43 started darebee in 2016. There have been wonderful changes for me in this time. I feel now I'm connected to my body, but only just beginning to explore its limits.


                I understand, because I also have injuries from too much exercises and improper form.

                My approach is a bit different. I add in new challenges or additional workout on top of a program if I don't feel enough, but I stick with the instruction and never do 2 or 3 days on 1 day. The program is designed to be done with 30 consecutive days so there's really no point in doing 3 days on 1 day.

                I read your question thread. I was to recommend 60 Days of Cardio + core strength or back and core, but then you seemed to have made the decision, so that's nice.

                I think if you have a clear plan with careful progression and dedication, you will get there ultimately. It will even happen faster and make you happier than if you keep being overly ambitious and injure yourself over and over.


                  Thanks so much for the kind words and support.

                  Thanks kandy , I'm definitely going to have a look into the core strength and back and core programs. I think they might be just what I need 👍


                    Hi Benhart Great to hear that you are starting your new fitness journey.

                    I can empathise totally with your post. I have found that if I schedule in decent rest days and give my body chance to repair/recover, I end up having better quality work outs with better results.

                    More isn't necessarily better.

                    All the best with your journey.


                      So after a taking a couple of days off , and then struggling in the mini heatwave, I've decided to restart foundation today , and add back & core .

                      I wasn't happy with my initial choice to do more than 1 day at a time and had made the decision to redo foundation when I'd finished it.

                      I know I rushed the first few days and sacrificed form for the sake of getting it done .

                      So I figure I'm best to start fresh now so I can say I've done a program properly from day 1-30.

                      I'm going to slow down and focus on my form .
                      I'm going to do a personal before and after pick to see if I can note any changes physically.


                        I've got 5 days left of foundation and core strength .

                        It's going well so far.
                        I've taken the odd day off for family reasons / time constraints but feel my body needs the odd day of total rest anyway.

                        Anyone got advice on the program to follow next ? I want to start looking now so I can go straight into it


                          If you have access to dumbbells, or something you can substitute for them, Express Tone might be a good way to go. If not, Power Up has been pretty brutal for me. It doesn't look it, but holding your arms straight out for 60 seconds is a pretty tough workout.


                            Thanks but I'm not doing weights. ... I've had problems with my wrists before that has caused an issue with my ulna nerve. When I've done weights in the past it's aggravated it so I made the decision to solely do bodyweight work.

                            I'm thinking 60 days of cardio with abs add-on .

                            I'm adding my own push ups and dips for strength on alternative days


                              you have come to the right place! i started here in a very similar situation a few years ago. with Darebee i have done the most exercise and fitness with the least amount of tweaks and injuries, by far!
                              i think a great abs starting point is the express abs workout (cant remember just how to make that show up on the comment). start with level-I. once you can do level-III everyday, time to do a harder ab workout.