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    2-Min Warm Up

    OX workout - only did 2 sets instead of 3.

    Pushups day 1
    4/2/2 (8)
    Maybe I'll try to repeat it later to keep up with doing some pushups

    I was going to go to the gym after work with a friend but she cancelled on me so idk what to do bout that.
    I mean I had a feeling she'd cancel on me anyway after all she'd been out drinking last night


      Not fun when friends cancel on you. It's easy to feel rejected when that happened, but it's their shit, not yours.

      Hugs for you. Do take care of yourself in these difficult days.


        GentleOx I ended up going to the gym after work anyway! She went out drinking again, so I waited with her in my gym gear until her ride picked her up, the area can be a bit dodgy at night.

        did some Chin Assists with 18kg aid, which before lock down I think I was at 30kg aid with it, so that's massive improvement.
        I did some other stuff too, but I didn't want to hang around for too long especially after being at work on my feet all day, and the morning workout.

        I'm still debating if I should continue my at-home routine or just stick to the gym, or find a mix that works for me.
        I know the at home routine is working for me, and I have gotten more toned which I love, but I think the gym can help me advance further than my at home weights can do.

        I'll see how i feel tomorrow after the DOMS sets in


        2-Min Warm Up

        Casual/cardio day?
        I'm achy and sorreeee

        Pushups, day 2


          I'm knackered
          My chest muscles hurt so much, that gym trip really buggered me up



            2-Min Warm Up

            Bak & Biceps, I took the weight for my dumbells down 1kg,I'm so sore after going to the gym, like dang I didn't expect to be in pain this long

            If feels like the same amount of pain as when I started originally going and working out, but somehow feels much more manageable?
            like my mental tolerance to the aches is better

            50 Pushups, day 3
            10s pushup plank, 15s pushup plank

            debating if I should go to the gym tonight to do some ab stuff (I find it hard to focus on ab exercises at home)

            And make Monday Ab workout day at the gym ?



              2-min warm up

              Casual/Cardio - Show Time, level 1
              turns our my sides hurt today, I might have had too much salty food yesterday RIP

              50 Push Ups day 4
              I think the next 2/3 days I'll just see how many I can do throughout the day, to really push myself, but I'm als tired from my other workouts, but 50 pushups in 1 go is my end of summer goal, I don't think that's unachievable, as long as I keep at it

              (through day)



                2-min warm up

                OX, level 1

                50 Push Ups day 5


                2-Min Warm Up

                Friday, Level 1

                50 Push Ups, day 6
                I might try to get 9 more in through the day but idk I'm at work today so we'll see how it goes I guess



                  2-min Warm Up

                  attempted Everyday Stretches could not do 6 though I was falling over

                  15s x3 push up plank

                  Will be going to the gym tonight after work so just some stretching this morning



                    50 Push Ups Challenge day 8,
                    I didn't do much of anything other than work,



                    2-min warm up

                    Ox, 2 level
                    used the lowest weight on my spin lock dumbbells but did more sets,

                    50 Pushups, day 9
                    after doing OX I couldn't get out 14 pushups, but I've tried to balance it out for the total number and reps



                    2-Min Warm Up

                    Back & Biceps Express (Lowest weight again today)
                    also did some dumbbell bench press I want to add this to the end of a few workouts


                    2-min Warm Up

                    Beginner Abs Workout, level 1
                    I dislike this
                    I really need to work on doing ab day more often...

                    So, I've decided to switch to the 100 pushups in 6 weeks programme
                    I'm going to make it over 12 weeks though and do each week twice
                    Week1(a) - Day 1 Done

                    idk I think the Darebee programs for 50 pushups are discouraging me a bit atm, because I'm tired from a week of daily workouts and working 40 hours a week it feels like a bit much, but if I just put the pushups to 3 times a week and I stick to something with a slower more adaptable progression then I think it should be fine for me. and I can alway repeat extra weeks if I feel like I need to with it I just need to keep it 1 link away or I might forget it exists



                      2-min warm up




                        2-Min Warm Up

                        Piece of Cake
                        honestly just wanted something relatively easy for me ( would not have been able to say that at the start of last year about this workout)
                        i threw in some long arm crunches to see how i feel about them, i didn't o many but I feel like any extra abs stuff is probably good.

                        Daily Dare
                        Did the Daily Dare from yesterday (40 Plank knee to Elbow)

                        100 Push Ups in 12 weeks (alt days)
                        Week 1- day 2
                        6/8/6/6 i didn't do the last set of 7+ bec

                        so there's 16 weeks until the end of august so i think that's a good goal date to finish the challenge by
                        I might cycle 2 weeks instead of every week and see how that goes
                        Eg week 1, week 2, week 1, week 2, week 3 week 4 week 3 week 4 etc



                          2-Min Warm Up

                          cardio/casual Halved 24 Workout
                          Giving myself until I go to bed tonight to finish this up.
                          I wont be able to update while I'm at work though

                          High Knees 60/60
                          Push Ups 15/30
                          Climbers 60/60
                          Sit Ups 30/30
                          Sitting Twists 20/60
                          Squat 0/60

                          Week 1 Rest



                            ngl I didn't complete the 254hr workout (even made easier) yesterday, but honestly it's hard to find the time in the middle of working a shift in a fastfood place to drop down and do pushups or not look odd doing squats on shift, so considering I spent a good 9.5 hours working I think I did pretty well.
                            I was very active during my shift (bopping along to music and running back and forth for stocks) so even though the workout wasn't completed I still did some casual exercise in a way, (more terrible dancing than my usual day-to-day)

                            I was supposed to have a meeting with boss man yesterday but we were so busy on shift neither of us had a chance to get off the floor so we've had to reschedule for monday instead

                            2-Min Warm Up

                            Ox - level 1 with low weight

                            100 Pushups in 12 weeks
                            week1 - day 3 Doneee

                            going out tonight to a club with a guy from work, I mean originally we were gunna go as a group of 6 but 2 people dropped out and another person isn't too sure if they're coming



                              Didn't do any exercise yesterday, instead I spent the day recovering from the night of drinking 😅so that's my streak broken but we move

                              2-Min warm up

                              Back & Biceps [Express], did a few benchpress from the floor too

                              got to 7 and decided tody isn't the dy for it, I need to kick my arse int gear though if I want to get to 50 pushups I need to make sure I'm having my creatine and attempting some pushups


                                Good for you, picking right back up again after your streak ended!