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    Originally posted by Miss_Dada View Post
    Hmm...maybe I could challenge you to something...

    ... I don't know what I'm getting myself into, but I'm excited❗️


      4th of July, everyBEE!!!


        Morning Workout Achievements
        1st Run = 5.94mi

        Foundation Light = Day 26 - Level I (Strength)
        Foundation Light = Day 27 - Level I (Fast Pace Cardio)

        Foundation = Day 26 - Level I (Strength)
        Foundation = Day 27 - Level I (Fast Pace Cardio)

        DAILYDARE = 60Seconds Chest Squeeze + EC *(Extra Bonus = Eyes closed - Inner peace & Prayer)

        Evening Workout Achievements​

        Fighter's Codex
        = Day 21 - Level I (Jackie Chan Tribute)
        *I finally completed this workout - only 2 sets

        Fighter's Codex = Day 27 - Challenge (3,000 punches)
        *Actually completed 5,000+ (I stopped counting after 5,000, maybe around 200 more)
        *Completed during jog below
        2nd Jog = 0.82mi


          wow for punches yay


            Afternoon Workout Achievements
            Run = 6.78mi
            Evening Workout Achievements​
            Foundation Light = Day 28 - Level I (Tendon Stretching)

            Foundation = Day 28 - Level I (Tendon Stretching)

            WORKOUT OF THE (Yester)DAY = I aim to misbehave
            (Yester)DAILYDARE = 40 Single-leg Bridges + EC *(Hitch Hiker Bonus = total 42)

            Evening Workout Achievements​

            Fighter's Codex
            = Day 22 - Practice

            Fighter's Codex = Day 28 - Stretching

            BEE STRONG & STAY SAFE!


              Workout Achievements
              Run = 13.42 Half Marathon

              Foundation Light = Day 29 - Level I (Abs & Core)
              Foundation Light = Day 30 - Level I (Fast Pace Cardio)

              Foundation = Day 29 - Level I (Abs & Core)
              Foundation = Day 30 - Level I (Fast Pace Cardio)

              Fighter's Codex = Day 25 - Level I (The Great Combo)
              Fighter's Codex = Day 26 - Level I (Speed)
              Fighter's Codex = Day 28 - Level I (Stretching)
              Fighter's Codex = Day 29 - Level I (Practice)
              Fighter's Codex = Day 30 - Level I (Bruce Lee Tribute)


              (YESTER)DAILYDARE = 10 Sky Diver Push-Ups + EC *(Completed a total of 21)

              ***I completed all three programs (Foundation Light, Foundation, & Fighter's Codex) today!

              I really couldn't have made it through without all the encouragement and inspiration from all the DAREBEE "family" community !!!
              I really do appreciate everything that has been posted to my thread, including any other thread that I have received comments/replies to anything I may have posted there.
              Miss_Dada , you continue to give me your help, support, and encouragement. Your workouts have been extremely AHh inspiring and your thread postings are always colorful and fun to read and look at!!!
              I really pushed myself today getting all my workout programs completed on schedule thanks to your inspiration!

              I have decided on the following programs and schedule:
              BACK & CORE
              CORE STRENGTH
              total abs
              WORKOUT OF THE DAY
              DAILYDARE - participating/posting to The Daily Dare Chatroom
              I will also be doing what I can @:
              We are fighting cancer... (challenge) - I do have some questions and I will post them to the thread
              Pull-Up Progress 2020 - I really want to step up my Pull-up game!

              Today was a long day, very productive and very rewarding!
              I feel accomplished and proud!
              I am far from where I want to be, but I always have been appreciative of who and where I am right now! (whenever that is!)
              I look forward to learning, sharing, commenting, and challenges!

              BEE STRONG & STAY SAFE!


                Congrats on Foundation Light, Foundation, and Fighters Codex!!


                  LizardFriend95 thanks for the congrats!
                  You have been with me from the start of my journey here on DAREBEE!
                  I enjoy reading your thread posts seeing your progress.
                  I can tell you are very serious about your workouts and being in shape by your attention to detail and consistency.
                  I support you in your efforts and always try to head to your thread to check-in your activites adding comments where/when I see necessary.


                    As mentioned, I am starting a new workout routine today after completing the programs I was working on.
                    I am also going to be adding the Meditation Challenge to my workout routine.
                    I think I will benefit grately from this, as I am in need of calming, peace and serenity in my life.

                    Also, if there are any other challenges, workouts, exercises, routines, etc. that anyBEE thinks I might be interested in or don't know about (this site is extensive!), please don't hesitate to drop me a line about such things. I am very interested in learning more about all theses things and continuing making friends here on DAREBEE!

                    I am looking towards a happier/healthier more productive life for me, benefiting myself and the people I am surrounded by with their interests just as important as my own!

                    POSITIVE PROGRESS, not perfection, is what I can ask of myself and others.
                    Trying to succeed is already success!


                      Honestly, this website has helped so much with my consistency. I’ve had trouble getting back into the habit of exercising since I fell out of it a while back. And even though I’ve always logged my workouts, writing it all out helps me see what all I’m actually doing, as opposed to just how many minutes of each exercise. So that’s changed my mindset in a way that I’m loving . And, of course, that everyone is so supportive and encouraging is a huge plus!


                        j5f6r5y Kudos on dominating 3x programs in one go. If you haven't done Ninja Challenge, I'd suggest you check it out. I just completed it and enjoyed testing myself on different exercises each day.


                          Strength and Honor.


                            3 times congratulations on completing 3 programs j5f6r5y Great job !!!
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	source-1.gif
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                            I've read your plans for future programs Well, I strongly recommend you to do the programs on level 3, which is your actual level !!! Also the other workouts, do on level 3
                            The reason is, you said you do more reps,to benefit from it? Level 3, full rounds will bring you the best results, even if you can not make the exact amount of sit ups or push ups in Darebee fitness test! The test is for complete beginners to roughly show which way to go.

                            You are not any beginner,you show some extremly STRONG STAMINA AND POWER in your daily running ( extreme distances) plus other power you have and you are get used to army training so if you want to get the best maximum from these programs here and want to take it seriously , get your body to the top form, do level 3 That is my recommendation

                            For IRONBORN program is good to have more then one pair of Dummbells, it's muscle gain program, reps are low there,so should be heavy enough....!( and more food tooπŸ‘πŸ˜)

                            I am happy to help, I will be here or there, you know the way!

                            ​​​​​​​Wish you luck!!!


                              Congrats on finishing all three programs together!


                                LizardFriend95 ,Toka , American Courier , Miss_Dada , Kanary
                                Thank you all!
                                The encouraging words, comments, & praise really raises my spirits!!!

                                I will add the Ninja Challenge to my workout routine.
                                This does look fun and interesting!
                                ​​​​​​​TNX Toka

                                American Courier
                                Strength and Honor
                                Qualities of any self-made Man

                                Miss_Dada I will also be doing my exercises at LEVEL III​​​​​​​, as you suggest
                                My military experience does give me discipline and extensive workout experience.
                                Exactly what is needed to excel in my DAREBEE adventures!
                                I have 2 sets of dumbbells for the IRONBORN workouts (10lb & 20lb). If needed I can go all the way down to the 3lb dumbbells you have seen me use in the Fists of Kali [Official challenge] & Jumping statue [Official Challenge] videos I have posted in those theads. I can always get two 5lb dumbbells if needed.
                                Thank you once again Miss_Dada you are incredible!!!
                                (SO, do you have a Challenge have in mind!?)

                                TNX for the congrats as well!
                                I hope you are all prepared, geared up, and psyched about giving that Half Marathon a beating!
                                I am still with you on your day Friday or Saturday, which ever, or both.
                                I wasn't understanding on your thread if you were running or ridding. I guess I maybe got confused by your up coming bike ride post. Anyway, enjoy your exercises and bike rides.

                                I am so glad you found the ability for consistency in your workout routines on the DAREBEE website.
                                That was one of the reasons I discovered the site myself. I was needing a regimented schedule, easy enough for me to fallow and easy enough for me to do.
                                BAMM! DAREBEE!
                                I was also impressed to find the "family" community being so friendly and supportive as you mentioned.
                                This specific aspect of the DAREBEE site is really beneficial in providing feedback, as well as being able to give feedback! Which, to me, is a super morale booster!!!

                                All of you BEE'z my friends!
                                I look forward to seeing your posts in each and every one of your user threads, including all the posts community members around the site!

                                I am going to finalize my exercise workout schedule this evening (adding a few more Challenges).
                                So, tomorrow I will be able to start my next 30 day DAREBEE adventure!!!

                                Thanks again to you all for your support, encouragement, help around the site, and most importantly your friendship! ​​​​​​​
                                BEE STRONG & STAY SAFE!