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    TopNotch Don’t worry. I didn’t take it that way at all

    Originally posted by TopNotch View Post
    You have not failed. You have not given up. You are still here and you obviously still have a commitment to your fitness journey. So you say you've not exercised for some days - well, have you walked? Have you vacuumed or swept the floor? Hung up the washing? Don't forget that there is a lot of exercise in everyday movement. Exercise doesn't have to be a formal programme.
    This is what I’m going for. I struggle with motivation, and logging my journey on here and seeing the consecutive days count go up helped with that. But I ended up setting myself up to fail because I didn’t account for “life getting in the way”. So while I know in theory it doesn’t have to be a formal program, I struggle with putting that into practice. Which is why I’m trying to set up different goals. (And yes, I absolutely should have said goals instead of rules). I’m trying to rewire my brain to understand that other types of movement count. The 80% was to give me some leeway for the days when I didn’t exercise so I don’t feel like a failure, even though I know I’m not. My idea was to set up some sort of guidelines so I could learn to accept the other types of exercise. Yoga and Pilates are my usual exercise go tos, but I’m trying to get myself to say, “I didn’t do yoga or Pilates today, but I walked for 20 minutes,” or “I completed a stretch routine.” I’m trying to focus more on intentional movement rather than just traditional exercise.


      An interesting discussion.

      To offer a another perspective, I don't have an unbroken exercise streak or a real schedule. I workout maybe 5 days of the week at most, and if I might skip a day or two due to how I feel (see below). Could I do more? Of course! I could program my workouts precisely, cultivate a better diet, and go back to competing. Do I really need to? Nope.

      I used to be driven mad when I didn't exercise one of my big 3 lifts (I was a powerlifting competitor). I'd promise myself that I would exercise that much harder in order to excel. Nowadays, I work out because I want to, and enjoy it. I'm a little fatter than I used to be and not as strong, but life is a-okay.

      Some days I don't feel like lifting - so I'll go for a 5 km walk instead, or do some calisthenics. As has been said before, there are many ways to organically exercise. It's better than when I didn't workout for a long stretch and ended up becoming 8 kg overweight.

      What matters to me is that you're back to exercising, and you've got goals.

      "We seek progress, not perfection."


        Good to see you here!


          AnnieW Thank you


            LizardFriend95 Welcome back. Let me just tell you something that happened recently. I was doing a programme with a friend. There were 5 sets, with a total of 125 push-ups. My friend did two sets and that was it. She had other training to do later that day and I suggested that she didn't completely exhaust herself before that. She felt that she hadn't done the programme properly because she had done only 2 sets. I asked if she had done 50 push-ups that she was proud of in those 2 sets. She said yes. I said to be proud of what she had achieved, to look at the 2 sets she had done and not to focus on the 3 sets she hadn't. I always take these workouts as a "serving suggestion", not as something carved in stone. If I have a heavy training session scheduled, then my Darebee workouts might be shortened but I still consider them done if I have done them to the best of my ability.

            I like that you are trying to say, "I didn't do X but I did do Y." Myself, I'd focus more on the second part of that sentence and just say, "Hey, today I did Y. Yay me!" Focus on the good - what you achieved. Ignore the rest and have a cup of tea.


              TopNotch Thank you. It’s absolutely a great idea to focus on the second part. It’s a process though. I’ll get there eventually. Just trying to guide myself there . And a cup of tea sounds wonderful.


                My logs for now aren’t going to be that formal. I am still struggling with motivation. We lost power in late October and were out for just an hour shy of 11 days. On the day we got our electricity back, my mom and I got sick. The rest of our household soon followed. I’m better, but I’m still not up to par yet. So this month I’m focusing on trying to get my steps in to ease myself back in to exercising.

                December 1
                2,409 steps

                December 2
                3,953 steps
                10 Minutes on my Vivaspa


                  LizardFriend95 Just do what you can! I know what it's like keeping up with your fitness log. Life gets busy sometimes. Just keep going and take it one day at a time! Fitness is a journey, not a destination.


                    Alrighty. I got so behind on updating that I don’t remember what I did those exact days, so no more past updates for this month. It’s time to look forward.

                    I’ve been struggling through a depressive period for a little while now. I know I have to do something but knowing and doing are separate things. I finally tracked down the various notes I’ve jotted down for my new goals on here.

                    At least 80% (24 days) of exercise per month
                    At least 22 minutes of activity a day
                    At least 2 days of strength training a week

                    I still want to count consecutive days. I’ll have a two-day limit on consecutive non-exercise days before I start over, like I mentioned a while back.
                    Also, I won’t be counting my Vivaspa or balance board in my active minutes total. Even though I’m active when using those, I can’t log it in my tracker.
                    The same goes for belly dancing, but only because I have no idea what to log it under. “Dancing” would show way more calories burned than what I actually burned. I’ve logged it under “stretching” once, but it feels weird when to see 10 minutes of stretching logged when I’m attempting to belly dance...

                    I really want to do the advent calendar and Fit Christmas, but I’ll have to wait until Saturday to start. These squats are killing me and zapping all my energy .


                      I classified bellydancing as dancing. I understand the hesitation to do so, but it it is right there in the name


                        December 16, 2020 (1 Consecutive Days):
                        ♡ Vivaspa Whole Body Vibration Machine, 10 Minutes
                        ♡ Squats, squats, and more squats
                        ♡ Steps: 2,802/ 7,000
                        ♡ Total Active Minutes: 33/ 60

                        0 Consecutive Days of Yoga
                        0 Consecutive Days of Meditation

                        Daily Dares

                        ♡ 44 Daily Dares
                        ♡ 29 Extra Credit
                        no progress

                        We Are Fighting Cancer Challenge:
                        count pending


                          Ended up with a pretty bad headache on Thursday, and even though I took my break though medicine, it progressed to a migraine. It took me a while to fully recover. I’m still feeling a little off, so I’ll probably take it easy today, too.

                          December 17
                          1,292 steps

                          December 18
                          1,751 steps


                            Hope you feel better soon!


                              Hope the migraine goes away soon!


                                Thank you both.