30 days of strength

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    30 days of strength

    Getting back to shape after 5 years

    Welcome!! Fair warning, Darebee can be pretty addictive You got this!!


      First things first



        Originally posted by SiBON View Post
        That is a good warm up, for most activities. I use it daily and get some strange looks when I go through the full routine standing on the 1st tee at the golf course.



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          Did this on the 4th day. Skipped one day so it is not consecutive now. Nevertheless I came back to continue and it will not discourage me.
          Did some basic stretch before did this workout above. It is really effective on the joints, hips and the back muscles. It also triggers the hips which helps to learn the boxing movement.

          So far so good.


            Started today 30 days of Yoga. Pretty new at yoga. Feels kinda awkard. It is a great opening for back and stretch.
            - Completed day 4 of 30 days of strength.

            - Will do some stretching before bed.


              I chose this before bed

              Although it was easy at the beginning, the last one really kicked me out. I felt that the left side is weaker regarding the balance. I definitely need to incorporate these kind of things to my workout routine


                Will bookmark these since I am following them:

                https://darebee.com/programs/30-days-of-strength.html - today at the moment I am on the 5th day
                https://darebee.com/programs/30-days-of-yoga.html - second day of yoga

                10:55 cet time - did the 5th day of 30 days of strength. Legs are still weak so I did 3 sets which was perfectly fine. Will do a short brisk walk to recover.

                Did the yoga program, day 2 - as the form and execution as not as perfect I enjoy the moves and something that I follow to perfect and something that I will benefit from. time is 18:34 CET

                great workout to end the day - although I did only 3 sets it really moved my whole body.
                Great combo to shake the muscles entirely. The time is 21:15 CET


                  Time is 13:14 CET. The warmup was

                  followed by day of 30 days of strength. The second part was done outside. Since I don't have the strentgh for pullups, I did somw variations.
                  Since I am also following regarding the yoga, I will do the meditation between the breaks when I work.

                  - done at 19:18 cet at break.
                  3 sets but at least something

                  current time is 21:59 CET

                  Did 3rd day of yoga which was 5 minutes of meditation which was partially successfull. It was first time doing this so I peaked 25 seconds before the timer run out.

                  I also succeeded to do the daily dare for today in one go:


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                      22:06 CET. Completed day 7 of 30 days of strength training program

                      Completed day 4 of yoga. It was hard from tiredness but managed to do both sides. Average time 15 minutes. The hardest day so far in yoga


                        Completed 8th day, it was a basic stretch but ok for today - 30 days of strength

                        Day 5 of 30 days of yoga completed.
                        Basic stretch for back. This was pretty light day.
                        the time is 21:39 CET