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    So I didn’t make it out for 30 days of change again but I did do level one of day 7, fighters codex. It was a challenging day not helped by the fact I only worked out what a couple of the diagrams were showing on round 3 - i don’t always find it easy to see what side each part of combos should be on!

    yoga also ✅


      Result - a less full on day on fighters codex. Balancing with a blindfold is blooming hard.

      on a serious note I think I’ll start doing that more. It’s a good thing to practice.

      Done early so I can have a beer after work


        Saturday off (nice long walk instead) and back to it today.

        day 4 of 30 days of change today.

        Back to fighters codex tomorrow and looking forward to it.


          Feeling tired so did day 5 of 30 days of change rather than fighters codex. Can tell I’ve been doing combat for a bit as it really felt like an active recovery day rather than an upper body day!

          progress is sweet


            30 days of change level 3 ✅

            felt easier than codex - being lazy again!


              Day 9 of fighters codex. Wanted to do level 2 but level 1 took me 50 mins anyway - especially after I realised towards the end of round that all of the squat combos were 20s not 10s

              made the up as two rounds of just squat combos. Dripping!

              nice bit of gentle yoga to stretch it out and now I’m knackered!


                Yesterday- day 7 - 30 days of change ✔️ My abs ache a bit today!
                todaay -day 10 of fighters codex- 1000 punches ✔️

                Did a few more than 1000 to be fair but made the target. Thought I was going to need to do it across today as it sounds loads so broke it down into 14 sets of 24 jab jab cross combos. Bloody love this programme.

                bit of yoga and a couple of planks for desert!


                  Long walk but no other exercise today. Surprised how much my hips ache today!


                    Long walks are the best.


                      Definitely. Love a long walk.

                      Wish I’d used insect repellent though as I have three horsefly bites on the outside of my leg by my knee. They’re so swollen and itchy that I can’t bend my leg properly and didn’t sleep much last night. Hopefully they’ll be down enough tomorrow that I’ll be able to get back to fighters codex!


                        Ugh...we have deer flies and yellow jackets here. I hope your bites heal up soon!


                          Bites finally healed so back to fighters codex today. Day 11 ✔️

                          that was hard -esp after a week off!


                            Day 12 ✔️

                            stretching is always much harder work than I expect!


                              Day 13 ✔️

                              day 14 started but my southpaw aches when I jab so quit halfway through the second set. Sad panda. Oh well I’ll go running for the next couple of days and see how I feel. *shugs*


                                Well I still haven’t healed enough to punch which means I’ve barely exercised for the last couple of months. Felt too down. But I started running again on Sunday and went last night. Time to take control again.