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    awe look at him, big sweety


      Nice new avatar!


        Great new pic, you both look wonderful! (:


          LizardFriend95, Whirly, BlackButler, Fremen, Trbrat75, Anek, motionaction

          You are all so sweet; I've had a smile on my face so many times today!

          Daily Exercise: 40 Plank Knee to Elbows, with EC
          arms of steel: chair edition: Day 17
          Daily Squats Challenge: Day 17
          Workouts: 31- BLADE RUNNER, 32- CODEX
          Belly Dancing: Circles (Vertical & Sagittal)
          Splits Exercises

          There was a bunch of running around today, in preparation of the festival tomorrow and Sunday. Nothing quite like filling the car with awkward (and sometimes heavy) equipment in 26 degree heat!

          Mom and Dad went to the site to set up the bare bones - tents and tables - and I got a call that the family next to us brought their dogs. So they weren't sure bringing Liam will be a good idea. I didn't yell that I did not sign up for 16 hour days alone with the dog that really doesn't like routine changes. I likewise didn't raise my voice over not even being talked to about the Pennsylvania trip next weekend. We talked like adults!

          Liam is joining us. We are giving it a chance, with the proviso that someone will drive us home if necessary (50 minutes one way isn't a great journey), but it should be okay! So long as I don't perish. All. Those. People...

          I tried doing the dancing without the video and it didn't go great. I'm not going to be able to use the video for the next 2 days, so I'm just going to practice what I've already learned.

          Exercising will be light! But at least the monthly stuff is all super easy to do at the site.


            Saturday​​​​​​, 18 September

            Daily Exercise: 50 Back Leg Raises
            arms of steel: chair edition: Day 18
            Daily Squats Challenge: Day 18

            Sunday, 19 September

            Daily Exercise: 60 Seconds O-Pose Hold
            arms of steel: chair edition: Day 19
            Daily Squats Challenge: Day 19

            Well yesterday was interesting. Liam did well In the beginning, but he didn't rest at all during his usual hours, so he got snippy. We ended up taking him home and he slept almost all the way through to morning.

            I still only did the bare bones because of frustration.

            Today I ended up sleeping most of the morning on the couch after Liam whined when Mom and Dad left. I also did almost nothing today because some combination of yesterday (moving equipment, holding the pup, sleeping in the car) has left me sore in places.

            But I see Bernice and Dr. Tyler on Tuesday morning!

            A worry? I heard a loud noise - like a firework being set off - and 2 minutes later a siren. So... I'll be watching the news tomorrow.


              That sounds scary! Hope it was nothing major.


                Your new avatar is very cool.
                Belated happy birthday to the cute little cake monster.
                I also hope that the "worry" will be nothing serious


                  I hope everything turns out to be alright!


                    LizardFriend95, BelloPeace, motionaction
                    There's been nothing in the news yet, so I'm hopeful that the sounds were a simple coincidence.

                    Daily Exercise: 60 Seconds Calf Raise Hold, with EC
                    arms of steel: chair edition: Day 20
                    Daily Squats Challenge: Day 20
                    Workouts: 33- HERCULES, 34- BORDERLINE
                    Splits Exercises

                    I forgot to write the extra credit for the last 2 days, but I did do the daily exercises with it!

                    Skipped dance again today and I will be tomorrow as well. My back flared up again and I didn't want to push it. I'm seeing Bernice and Dr. Tyler tomorrow morning and I'm only going to be able to fit in a short workout beforehand.

                    But Wednesday I will be back on track!

                    Of the family that gathered at the festival yesterday, my sister, one of her best friends, and 3 cousins stopped by the house after. Liam was happy and frustrated (new friend! He wanted to eat in peace! Liam was locked away!). Needless to say, Liam pouted a lot.

                    And my mother told me the best story:

                    My sister's ex showed up at the festival. He made a point of swanning along the Clan Village with his new girlfriend. My sister apparently walked right by them and didn't see him at all!

                    Ex makes his way around the tent a few times, but my sister is out enjoying herself! So he goes away eventually.

                    Then! My sister went to the beer tent and ended up directly in between her ex and his new girlfriend. What does my sister do? Ignores him and starts flirting outrageously with his girlfriend! He was desperately trying to pull her away!

                    My sister is amazing.


                      truly an interesting story


                        Originally posted by JCU View Post
                        My sister is amazing.
                        I completely agree


                          nice, sis for the win


                            Amazing story!!


                              Your sister is a champ!


                                Lol, good job JCU's sister!