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    Congrats on finishing programs and challenges!


      Congrats on the programs and challenges!


        Congrats great work


          Looking through several pages and all I am say is wow, way to go!!




              Congrats! Well done!


                TheLibrarian I love the picture!




                awesomesue Great name! It's taken a while, but it was pretty necessary to build it this much! Good luck on your journey!




                  Daily Dare: 30 Sit-Ups with Reach, with EC
                  90 Days of Action: Day 31
                  Splits Stretches

                  I somehow forgot the splits stretches on my list again. I really don't know how I keep doing that!

                  I really love sit-ups with reach; it's very easy and works my hips in a strange, but good, way.

                  Since I wanted something more intense after this last month, and there aren't many programs I haven't finished yet, I decided to make me hate myself! Next month's main program is Boxer Prime! I'm already cringing!

                  Depending on how things go, I may add the chair edition of arms of steel, but that's a big maybe. With the monthly challenge being as it is, plus Boxer Prime on top of 90 DoA I don't know that I'm going to need anything else!

                  If all goes well (finding and fixing the bike, if necessary) I'll be doing 30 Days of Change during July. Liam sort of killed my love of walking, so I'm hoping I can increase my outdoor exercise with biking! Dad has also said he wants to add going to the beach (lakeshore) once or twice a week this summer. Since we live very close (20 minutes on a good day) to one of the best beaches on the lake (Erie), it's a very reasonable adventure! I would love it since I really adore swimming and can't use any local pool (chlorine allergy). And it'd be the best to introduce Liam to it! The only downside? The sand. All his fur? Yikes!

                  That was a strange amount of parentheses...


                    Congratulations on finishing all those programs!
                    And best of luck with the food truck, sounds like fun but also really tough.


                      Congratulations JCU I am glad you started to make your weekly videos on youtube again!
                      It would be great to see how is Liam playing in the water and to see him swimming !! Let's hope the weather will be nice and you will make it to the beach very soon! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ˜



                        โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹ Daily Dare: 60 Seconds Squats, with EC
                        90 Days of Action: Day 32
                        Boxer Prime, Day 1
                        cardio & core Challenge: Day 1
                        Splits Exercises

                        Day 1 of Boxer Prime wasn't that bad! If the days stay consistent, I'll definitely be adding arms of steel!

                        Puppy got sick today. We don't know why, but he bounced back quickly, so we're not too worried.

                        (Don't listen to me, I'm an anxious mess! My baby!)

                        Amusing? Liam begrudging my kisses. Until I dare to kiss Casper! Then he turns and gives the most outraged face! He was sleeping! His face jerked right up and he stared.


                          Miss_Dada: I'm glad you're enjoying them! Isn't my cousin just adorable?

                          If the weather keeps up, it'll probably be close to 3 weeks before we can go to the beach. It'll be warm enough air, but the water will still be frigid! Thankfully, it'll stay warm for a good few months, so we should get some good videos!


                            It always sucks when fur babies feel bad .

                            I have a cat who doesnโ€™t really like my kisses, but glares when I kiss his siblings. Ah, jealousy


                              Congrats on Arms of Steel, Back & Core, Total Abs, and Stamina Upgrade!


                                Wow all those badges! Congrats!
                                And good luck with the food truck plans! ๐Ÿ€